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I used every possible combination of the letters that correspond to the 4 symbols you see and nothing worked, very stuck also. Not sure if I'm missing something.

Thanks for playing! Ahh darn, yeah I probably should have turned them down since there are no volume controls.

Thanks for playing. Definitely fair criticism. I wasn't happy with the controls either, couldn't figure out a scheme that was more comfortable, but the one I ended up with is a bit confusing. Hence the colored control blobs up top, helps a little bit to keep an eye on them while playing, but yeah, fair criticism.

Attack cooldown is indicated by whether the arm is flexing, or looks like a limp noodle. Probably not clear enough.

But yeah, hope you enjoyed overall!

Ahh, you can press P to play with an ai!

Glad to hear! Thanks for playing.

Ohh I see, no worries. Those things don't show up till a little later in the game. When the Slimetime reaches 1, 5, 10, 15, and 20, are when new things appear, I think.

Erm, what was the problem exactly? Not sure what you're saying I should fix. Thanks for playing though.

Ohh, thank you! Here's a gif, hope it works, should be about 1 mb: