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When I saw the thumbnail of a YouTube video showcasing this game, it totally fooled me. I really thought it was a PS game that I'd somehow overlooked. And it looks fantastic. Unfortunately I can't seem to get my Xbox 360 controller to work with this game, but playing with the keyboard is fine.

I like the music that plays in Pol's room. The way the character moves reminds me of Silent Hill 1 (floaty) I'm not very good with tank controls, but it wouldn't be the same if they weren't there. I liked the voice acting haha

The spider doll enemies are pretty fast. With my poor skill, I kept getting caught by them lol. But it's funny that I can avoid the normal doll enemies by simply walking away. The block/key puzzle was very easy (for me at least.) Overrall, I didn't experience any bugs.

Good luck with the full game! :)