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Had the same problem - Go to your confirmation email and click Download from there then you can Download it from the web browser 

you killed the atmosphere I’m ngl! Great game 

like so many others I genuinely loved this experience! I saw so many people from friends to massive YouTubers playing this and had to avoid all spoilers and in singled it did! This is going to be an awesome full release I can already tell! I can guarantee you’ll get a good laugh out of this one ! 

lol this game is hilarious thank you for making it 

THIS WAS THE COOLEST CONCEPT I HAVE EVER SEEN IN A GAME! For real my favorite indie game I have played on this site... I know all of the praise is coming your way because hands down deserve it. If you get a chance you should check out my vid! I guarantee a laugh or your money back :D 

i played this for the first time back in December of 2020 and became an instant fan. Now here I am in December of 2021, and this is easily my favorite set of videos I have on my channel! Every time I play this I am left with a smile on my face!! I cannot wait to see how this expands going forwards and I hope you enjoy the video I made! It’s hilarious 

OKAY THERES SOME REAL FISHY SH*D GOING ON HERE AND I CANT QUITE PUT MY FINGER ON IT! 😂this was a lot of fun I love question games like this. Thanks for making it! 

haha this was genuinely an awesome time! my only real criticism is to have more levels and guns to explore with! I appreciate you taking the time to make this and I hope you enjoy my video! Im sure itll give a good laugh or your money back XD 

THIS WAS ABSOLUTELY FREAKING AMAZING! I love everything about this game. For 1 the mixture of 2d and 3d between the characters and the environment is so cool. The characters were all creepy and unique it was exciting to learn of them all as you went! Then the video I was able to make my favorite video ive made! Amazing game! 

I can’t believe I started the entire men in black organization on this night… 

🤣 for real though awesome experience! I’m new to analog horror but you have created a long time fam of the genre for sure. I guarantee you’ll get a good laugh from this video! 

I know i am a little late to the party but this Demo lived up to everything I was told! It was genuinely terrifying and I am super excited to see what else you have in store for final release! As someone whose generally terrified of death as it is, this was an incredible time!! 


you must pay for what you made me do to that dog, AHHHHHHHH🤣🤣🤣 no seriously that was a hell of a lot of fun. Weird, quirky, all around great time! Love if you checked out my video, I guarantee a good laugh 👌😎

Incredible Game! I know it has been on the top list of Itch for awhile and now I can see why! it just got crazier and crazier as things went on XD HOWEVER! I, the self declared king of CHOCCY MILK was able to fight through the depths of hell and survive another day!

Bro this game was absolutely hilarious XD I mean dont get me wrong there were a bunch of bugs in this, but sometimes wacky bugs that lead to my paddy wagon flying 50 feet in the air is exactly what I want! AND DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THT VOICE ACTING MY GUY!! haha for real this was amazing and it helped me make a video that im really happy with so if you have the time, feel free to check it out! 

This game was an incredibly fun! The music was fantastic and the difficulty was at a perfect level! I struggles with the controls at first because I am clumsy on Keyboard and Mouse BUT! I pushed through and made it through the entire demo! Fantastic game! 

Freaking fantastic!  Made a hilarious video and am excited to see the lore of this universe expand! Awesome game dev :D 

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You have some freaking incredible games my dude! I enjoy every bit of content! This is the first one ive posted but ive seen others from friends videos! Its kind of nice to see the similarities in the textures and the feel, it really makes them all feel like one big universe! Also it helped me make one of my favorite thumbnails ive made haha

haha yo this was really dope! I honestly lost my Mind when the music went at the end and shit back for the big *Shebang* awesome game!! I 100% think you should go for a full release of this I would be all over it!  Here’s my video for you to check out!! 

Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed haha 

okay this game was incredibly fun! Left me over here feeling like a space cowboy reaping the rewards or chaos at every step 🤣 i would love to know if you plan on expanding on this game because I would love to see more levels, more secrets, more explosions, all of it! Here’s my video on it for you to see my play through. Awesome game!!! 

this is EXACTLY why we stay out of the ocean 🤣 this game was seriously a lot of fun! I enjoyed the concept a lot and it got me in the mood for ever more exploration!! I hope you enjoy!! 


Alright I would love to see a full fledged version of this! It had a fantastic look, an atmosphere and environment that kept me wanting to explore and lore that has fully captured me and left me wanting to  discover more of this world! Fantastic job!! 

I had SO much fun playing this! I am an absolute sucker for time and I would loose my mind if I had a full fledge version of this game!! Also the scares seriously got me 🤣🤣🤣 thanks so much for making this one! 

I am BEYOND excited for the next 4 chapters to come out! This was such a fun game and I had so much fun playing it!! 

omg this game was infuriating for me as a dyslexic XD But this video is so awesome! first one I have had edited for me which is wild, one of my favorite videos by far! 

WOOO This was a lot of Fun! The use of the radio for the Puzzle at the end was SO DOPE! Seriously that was so much fun! I had such a fun time making this video so thanks for making this one! I hope you enjoy :D 

OKAY THE TITLE OF MY VIDEO SAYS IT ALL! XD I had a lot of fun making this video and by far one of my favorite thumbnails i've ever made so thank you for making something that gave me that chance! I really enjoyed this game and am excited to see the full game! My only suggestion is to maube turn the loudness of some of the ambient music down a little. That will give the jump scares a lot more power. Regardless it was a lot of fun! 

THIS WAS MADNESS! I really loved how intense the gun sound were in this im not going to lie! Had  great time with this! Hope you enjoy :D 

of course!! I hope you enjoy haha

I had a whole lot of fun running through this! The contrast of the rooms combined with the eerie sounds made for a fantastic atmosphere! Had a good scare in there as well, good job yall! 

lol this was so much fun to play, you allowed me to wage a war on beans XD Here is my video if you want to watch, I hope it gives you a good laugh! 

THIS WAS SUCH AN AMAZINGLY CREATIVE EXPERIENCE! I seriously loved this game and had SO much fun making this video! I guarantee you will laugh at last once if you check out my video, thank yall for such an awesome game ! 

lol what can i say its in my genes 

This was honestly really fun XD I actually got upset that it ended so soon! Left my video for you to check out, I can guarantee you will laugh OR ELSE YOUR MONEY BACK 

Okay first off this was a fantastic first game man you actually killed it! The sound design is what really sold it to me. Also, you making this game has resulted in the best thumbnail ive EVER made XD XD THANK YOU! 


I have FINALLY out the final episode of this dang game! I had so much fun doing this with you Jiva! Thanks for the chance to become INFAMOUS haha