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this was an incredibly fun experience!! Here is my video if you want to check out how I did :D it is the second game in this video:) 

haha this was a really fun experience!! Thanks so much for making this game :D here is my video for you to see how my adventure into the deep went :) 

okay your last 2 games have been incredible! Im so happy you expanded on Wrong Floor and Made From the darkness! 

Thank you SO MUCH fir letting me be a part of this! This was so much fun to put together and im stoked to have been a [art of it :D Here is my video for you to check out! 

this game is incredible!!! 


okay I actually loved this game 🤣 this was a lot of fun! And I loved the ability to customize the pixels and the colors!! Hess my video if you want a good laugh!! 

This game is SO MUCH FUN!!! I love me a good ol alien showdown :D heres my video if you want a good laugh! 

This was such an amazing game! honestly one of my favorites that I have played in the last year!! Here is my experience if you want to see how happy it made me! :D 

i ABSOFREAKINGLUTELY love this game. The first time i played it, it literally transformed and skyrocketed my channel! Thank you for making such an amazingly fun game and i hope you enjoy!!! Yall this is easily my favorite game on itch! IT HAS NO BUSINESS GOING THIS HARD

haha this game is absolutely incredible lol I went with a hilarious glitch, rage and funny moments video! Hope y’all enjoy 😁😁😁

haha awesome to hear! im glad you enjoyed :D 

haha yo this game is hilarious XD I loved every second of it! here is my experience if you want to check it out! 

Okay I had SOOOO much fun playing this XD I was actually really sad when it ended. Deposits a lack of story I felt really immersed into the universe (literally) and found myself having so much fun making my okie story as I went along!!! Here’s my video! I promise you will get a laugh out of it 😁 

haha of course

Had a lot of fun with this game! Im excited to see how you can build up the atmosphere for sure! Awesome experience :D Here is my video if you are interested!

This was a WHOLE lot of fun! I had an amazing time! My only bit of feedback is to have an actual ending but I loved it! I hope you enjoy my video :D 

This was so much fun yall XD I loved it! one of you already found MY video and im so glad you enjoed! Wanted to share it with the rest of the dev team since I had such a fun time! 

Hope you enjoy :)

DANG THIS WAS TERRIFYING! I couldnt beat it XDXD But it gave me some GOOD jump scares 


heck yes!! Im so excited 

thanks so much to the Devs for making such a fun game! I got a lot of good laughs out of myself while i played this XD I really hope you enjoy the video i made!! 

Okay this game is SO MUCH FUN! And I did some experiments with this thumbnail and it turned out SO GOOD! Guaranteed you laugh at least once or your money back ;) 

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really awesome game! had a lot of fun playing it and am looking forward to seeing how yall expand upon it! Check out my DOPE video to see my experience! EDIT: people are really loving the art style of this game! I think yall have a really good thing going here. I hope to see a finished and expanded product soon!

Oh yeah! tbh im lookng for some more haha

Happy new years yall! 

This was Freaking Awesome XD Deff one of my funniest videos yet, I highly suggest a full watch through! I guarantee you laugh at least once OR YOUR MONEY BACK!! XD 

of course! This game was too much fun you gota make more or expand on it! + this video performed very well for me and pushed me to 400 subs so i owe that to you!

HANDS DOWN my favorite video i made of 2020! Thanks so much for the awesome game! Here is my video, I hope you enjoy!!! 

This was an awesome game! Christmas horror games are something I never even considered and I am so happy I found them XD Thank you for the awesome time!

I hope you enjoy my video!

this was a lot of fun! I wish it wsa longer becsue I was enjoying the atmosphere! Here is my experincce, please let me know what you think!

awesome game! I loved how big the ps5 was XD It is the second game in my video!! I look forward to hearing what you think :)

This was So much fun! It was nice to see the house being the same as in the original because it helped me know where to go when looking for things XD I look forward to seeing more in the future!

This was a good time! I hope you enjoy :)

This was a lot of fun! I Am looking forward to the full release! Here is my experience :) 

This was a lot of fun! The dark part was a little bit of a struggle to get through but WE PRAVAIL and it was a fun video to make!

this was an awesome game! Honestly the amount of reflection and shine was enough to capture my simple mind 😁😅 here’s my experience if you are curious how it went! 

Thanks for checking out the video I am really glad you enjoyed it:)

After seeing your comments on others - Calling them "Fucking Pathetic" - your input is meaningless. I always welcome feedback and fully accept that some people dont like louder reactions in content. however there are larger channels like jackscepticeye who still thrive on that premise despite what people with differing opinions may feel or say. however this was just a blatant spout to be rude over the internet. As one of the first videos I made on my channel and it was/is one of my many learning curves I have ahead of me. I appreciate another perspective however your attack on the number of views is pointless.You have commented positive words on videos with no commentary and less views. Less views for channels with WAY more subs than me mind you. Maybe another perspective to have is that my content just doesn't mesh with your sense of entertainment, No issue you cant please everyone and i don't expect to. Thankfully I have continued to grow and learn each and every day. Going forward if you feel the need to critique someone do so with kindness. While the comment on my video wasnt as harsh, you were outright demeaning to others and add no value to their learning process. Good luck to you.

this was so much fun! Short and effective, I got scares so many times 🤣😅I hope you enjoy!