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hm. This game is an allegory, and I feel like all the design pieces fit together well, which unfortunately includes Bob's conundrum. The ending is a good one and still has me thinking as I'm writing this review. That's with only <10 min spent on the game.

The progression of Bob and the levels is simple yet impactful.

Good work on the game!

I played the whole thing! I love the level design, it's interesting and I needed to die a lot of times to figure it out. Sometimes I didn't even want to finish the level when using up a life, I just wanted to gather info. This is a very difficult game haha. Jumps have to be pixel-perfect in a lot of situations, and our rogue robot is not an athlete (or maybe that's me...).

Without fancy stuff, the simple graphics and story are easily believable. I'm playing as a robot, I'm time traveling centuries ago to get past what the guards and the landscape are hiding. Even the little tidbit at the end of the game, along with the end of some intense platforming, was satisfying.

I think this game is good for persistent players. Maybe changing the spacing of some standard platform jumps that do not require time warping would be a simple change that could retain more players.

Good work on this game! 

I like the concept, and i like rolling around with the balls. Switching between balls is a little disorienting. I understood the maze and walls that need to be avoided by switching balls and gaining knowledge, I didn't understand falling through platforms. Also, does the other ball roll while I switch? When I switch between the balls I'm confused why I'm in one place or the other. I like the idea and aesthetic.

I like the art, but it's a bit tedious with the slow movement and fences. I think there's an invisible wall on the left fence underneath the pea person. I like the music and the textboxes too!

You're right; it's a good game