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10/10. Would embalm again. 
Honestly though, great job with the second demo. I was spooked a fair few times and it seems like I didn't see every scare either. After playing this I'm very hyped for the full game.

Great job! A bit cliché, but your gamemaking skills are really coming along. I truly believe you'll make a fantastic horror one day.

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Very much enjoyed this! It's well-polished and the enemy provided a good level of threat as I explored the darkness. Good job, Alex!

I think this game does a lot with a little. The atmosphere is fantastic and the more you explore and learn about what's going on only increases it. Great job.

Definitely left me with a lot of questions. I wish I knew just that little bit more. Thought provoking.

I think we all learnt something from this game. I'll be trying out some new ingredients after playing this. Good fun.

Seth the frog was the standout star of the game. Incredible work, especially considering it was put together in 48 hours.

Download the game. You wouldn't want Satan to win, would you?

Good start! Definitely captured the feeling and mechanics of those survival horrors from the PS1 era. Loved the little references here and there too. I'd like to see more.

A very good experience from start to finish. Wonderful style with character/environment design mixed with the wonky animations. I enjoyed the little boss fights as well. Great job!

I sincerely hope that you can continue creating great games.

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Brilliant. Short and sweet with some very effective scares.

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Very much enjoyed it and I was hoping for the demo to continue on for longer. At first I wasn't really sure what I was getting myself into, so I enjoyed the build up of hearing weird noises and seeing strange things occur, until it got even stranger.

Very intriguing and very mysterious. I still don't really know what the main game will be about, but you certainly have my curiosity.

I quite enjoyed it overall! The doll was effectively creepy and menacing when we weren't playing hide-and-seek.

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Absolutely brilliant! Loved the look, the music and the moments that made you feel uneasy. Great job!
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Well done Max! You're getting better and better. Took me a few tries to get through the crashes at the beginning, but it was worth it.

Pretty decent! This is a good reminder to never listen to the instructions of eldritch horrors.

I enjoyed my time with this. I like the escalation of weird events and revelations the further you play.  Good job! 

Surprisingly good! Certainly not a very scary horror game, but a sad, emotional tale that gets you to feel for characters you barely know.

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Decent game, but I encountered a bug right before the end. After finding the source of the noise, I couldn't make any more progress because using the hole didn't do anything. I couldn't find anything else around the house to help me either so I assume this wasn't supposed to happen.

Very enjoyable. There's a lot that needs to be worked on and fixed up before release, but it shows a lot of promise!

Very challenging. Perhaps a little too challenging really. It seems like if he sees you outside, there's no way of escape, which can be a little frustrating. I love the concept, though.

I enjoyed many aspects of this game. It's not perfect by any means, but it was a very fun ride.

Incredible atmosphere, brilliant audio, fantastic and realistic looking visuals, but I think most importantly, amazing scares.
Well worth a play. Loved it from start to finish. You WILL be spooked at least a few times.
Looking forward to From Day To Day too.

Eerie and yet enjoyable. There's something quite unnerving about this game and that's down to a great atmosphere that's presented. Good job!
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Like a rollercoaster ride! Virtually non-stop as it always seems you're being chased by something or someone. Very thrilling, although I would have preferred some moments of respite to breathe in the story.

I really quite enjoyed this. Very strange and pretty compelling. I love the idea of exploring a facility and discovering... Something... I wish it was longer.

Short but strange sweet. I love the premise of piloting an ROV into a strange underwater area. I just wish that this lasted longer.

Wonderful bitesize horror game. It seems very unassuming at first but quickly escalates to something more. Definitely worth a go.

Looking forward to the full game! I had a lot of fun with the demo back when it was originally released.
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Absolutely fantastic experience. Loved every moment of it and I wish there was more to play. Great environments, intriguing story and some decent scares too.

For those wondering about the launcher and the game files, the launcher seems to download and install the game (around 5gb) to a folder in your appdata/local/temp folder for some reason, but don't let that put you off experiencing a great game. I hope the devs will allow us to download the game files directly in the future.

Also, keyboard+mouse didn't seem to work for me, so it looks like you NEED to use a controller.

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I very much enjoyed this. I found this a dark, but fun little experience, with unique ideas and game mechanics.  Great job!

I really quite enjoyed this one, although I did get a bit too familiar with the AI and the limitations, making me lose a little immersion. Definitely worth a play.

Very basic overall, as far as visuals and audio goes, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. It's a good retelling of the story and a good way to experience it. I quite liked the ending.

Short but sweet. You'll find some pretty good scares in this game.

This was a wonderful experience full of spooky surprises. I was drawn in by the story and often found the scares very effective. Great job!

Very unsettling. Curious as to what the next few episodes will be about.

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Another strange but enjoyable experience. I especially enjoyed the apartment section in the middle. Great sounds and atmosphere making this quite unsettling.

Short but very sweet.  Special mention to the sound effects which are wonderful. I look forward to the full release.

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Some creepy and spooky moments for sure, but I felt it did seem to lose a little direction and steam near the end.