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As someone who didn't get the chance to play P.T. when it was released all those years ago, thanks for trying to faithfully recreate the game for PC users.
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Big fan of the first one and I loved this one too. Great job in trying to capture the feel of The Twilight Zone.

Around 15 minutes of spooky scenarios. Sound was definitely the highlight for me. 

Not bad!

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Somewhat rough around the edges and I don't know if I completely agree with my particular assessment,  but I had a lot of fun with this.  Loved the intro.

Adding the behind the scenes development process stuff is a nice touch too.

Really interesting experience with this one.  I loved the wind and lighting changes.

Frankly, I'm lost too.

I found killing the zombies in normal mode a little monotonous and initially tried to run around them instead, but when playing on easy it didn't take too long to collect the necessary items. Brilliant potential with this one!
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You have me intrigued! I thoroughly enjoyed the demo and hope the project gets back up and running sometime soon.

Thoroughly enjoyed my experience with this game, minus a couple of issues with volume and frame rate. An unexpectedly detailed, dark and sinister game that I encourage people to try for themselves.

The Silent Hill references were a little on the nose, but it was fairly good overall. Seemed like a strange place to end it though.

Not at all what I expected, but I still had some fun with this. Good job. 

Pretty nice for 7 days work. Perhaps I've been playing too much HITMAN, but I wanted to find somewhere to hide the body almost immediately.

Would have liked to have seen a little more, but it was an enjoyable play. Really like the concept.

Really enjoyed this one.  Atmospheric and incredibly unnerving. Nice sound effects.

Solid! I think the game might be a little too dark in some areas and a little more audio would be nice, but I enjoyed this quite a lot.
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The game felt a little flat (no pun intended, seriously), but I absolutely adore the look and style. I'd like to see it implemented in something a little longer.

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I'm staggered by the fact that this was completed within 2 weeks. Very impressive. Great visuals, audio (narration in particular) and I enjoyed the story too. Definitely recommended.

Some nice looking visuals and I liked the different puzzles. The story wasn't incredibly clear though, and I did have trouble listening to the speech at certain points.

This is one of those games that you just HAVE to play more than once. Great concept and well executed. 

A nice fleshed out version of Pacific with some really nice details here and there.

Pretty fantastic, but it did seem to get very buggy in the later stages of my playthrough.

I'd love to see the rest of this with a few tweaks and fixes. I'll keep my eye on this one.

Not bad at all. Some of the backgrounds looked great.  Now I'll have to try and figure out how to get the other endings.

There was definitely something very wrong in the library. Looked and sounded great with some fairly simple puzzles to keep you interested. Not bad at all.
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Really enjoyed this one. A lot of incredibly great parts packed into a relatively short experience.  Definitely worth your time.

Solid for a gamejam game. Looking forward to seeing what Woven Shadows is like.

Aside from a few little spelling errors, there's a lot to like about this game. There's a load of things to examine, fairly inventive puzzles,  while the camera adds an interesting dynamic too. Eager to play more.
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All in all I was very impressed with this. Some really great and tense sequences with some simple puzzle areas to mix it up a bit. Much more surreal than I was expecting.

Definitely worth a try.

Really fun and greatly unnerving as well. Loved the look and the audio.

I'll be hoping to see more of this.

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Nice work!

Very impressed with the all the changes made since the first iteration. Super tense when you begin to run out of health/ heat drinks and have to hurry things up too.

Thanks for the mention too :)

Loved the look and style of the game. Impressive for a first game as well.

Really enjoyed it to be honest. It felt a little like a good Amnesia mod and I was sad when it ended.

Loved it. Very much looking forward to the next 2 as well.

Pretty fun little demo. Aside from a couple of grammatical errors, this seemed very polished. I wasn't anticipating how difficult walking over a bridge would be :)

Incredibly strange and at times hard to look at, but weirdly interesting. Thanks.

Pretty fun game honestly. The inventory system is a little slow to use and there appear to be a few bugs and fps drops, but I like what you're going for.

Really enjoyed this actually. I like how the gameplay kept on changing it up so it never got dull. Not exactly what I was expecting, but it certainly ended up a pleasant surprise.
My only slight complaint would be that some of the white text is hard to read as it's often on top of a white background or object of some sort.

Pretty solid little experience. Short and sweet. I just wish there was a little more to do around the house.