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Really fun and greatly unnerving as well. Loved the look and the audio.

I'll be hoping to see more of this.

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Nice work!

Very impressed with the all the changes made since the first iteration. Super tense when you begin to run out of health/ heat drinks and have to hurry things up too.

Thanks for the mention too :)

Loved the look and style of the game. Impressive for a first game as well.

Really enjoyed it to be honest. It felt a little like a good Amnesia mod and I was sad when it ended.

Loved it. Very much looking forward to the next 2 as well.

Pretty fun little demo. Aside from a couple of grammatical errors, this seemed very polished. I wasn't anticipating how difficult walking over a bridge would be :)

Incredibly strange and at times hard to look at, but weirdly interesting. Thanks.

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I enjoyed it quite a bit, it's a shame it ended when it did.  I liked the pixelated style and the ambient audio made it creepy at times.

Pretty fun game honestly. The inventory system is a little slow to use and there appear to be a few bugs and fps drops, but I like what you're going for.

Really enjoyed this actually. I like how the gameplay kept on changing it up so it never got dull. Not exactly what I was expecting, but it certainly ended up a pleasant surprise.
My only slight complaint would be that some of the white text is hard to read as it's often on top of a white background or object of some sort.

Pretty solid little experience. Short and sweet. I just wish there was a little more to do around the house.

Incredibly strange and surreal. I didn't really know what was going on and to be honest I still don't, really. Very unique.

Overall I found this quite brilliant. I'd love to see a sequel or full length game at some point.

Caught me off guard with this one. Pleasantly surprised.

I like the idea. It could use a little work as you already know, but the concept is good.

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I can certainly see the Barrow Hill inspirations here. Good job!

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Solid short horror story in my opinion. Pixelated environments look good and reminded me of The Last Door.
I do wish there was a little more variation in the item descriptions though.

Some real potential here. Some parts I enjoyed while some parts I didn't much care for. I'm very much intrigued as to what the full game would be like though.

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It was okay. Reminded me a lot of Imscared in many ways. Needs a little something more for the full version though I think.

A great 10 minutes of fun. Good concept and I'd like to see a more fleshed out version in the future.

Having just recently read the actual story, this was fun and a good adaptation. I think the art style worked well with the material it's based on too.

I missed this the first time around. It was alright, but it did have a few dull moments here and there. Love this concept though.

Solid little game, but as you say, a bit rushed and contrived. Quite impressive for only 3 days though.

Solid demo! I love the concept. With a little fine tuning this could turn into a great game.

Really impressed by this considering it was made for a game jam.

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Solid game! Some of the pixel art looks great too.

I enjoyed this demo. After seeing your video looking at the next few levels I'm really looking forward to the more complex and challenging stuff.

Looks and sounds great. Good start.

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Very solid game. Still not sure if I fully understand the deeper meanings to this game, but it was a fun and fairly unique experience. Loved the final sequence.

Fantastic experience. Made me laugh like no other game has in a long time.


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Nailed it. The atmosphere was perfect and it was hitting all the right nostalgic notes. Very solid game and definitely worth playing.

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I've paid for horror games much worse than this in the past. For 7 days of work, you've done very well.

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I really enjoy games like this. A very unique strange experience. The microphone and webcam implementation is pretty cool too.