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I can't fault it. A very intriguing story and the mystery was unveiled so well. Fantastic visuals and audio too. Great job!

I really liked this, although the slow movement speed near the end seemed a bit odd.

This was a wonderful surprise! Although rough around the edges at times, there's a lot of variety here. Some of these really got to me. Great work!

I would happily play a volume 2.

Brilliant fun! For a pretty short experience there were some intense moments, decent scares and fantastic atmosphere.

Sensational demo. I really can't wait to play more.

I'm editing it all together now so you should see it within a day or so.

Absolutely loved it! I'm very much looking forward to the full game.

This was great fun! I'd love a longer version of this with some more complex challenges.

This was a great experience overall. Much better (and tougher) than I was expecting!

Enjoyable experience overall. Great atmosphere and sound effects, but some of the jumpscares did ruin the immersion.

This was a fun one to play through! Some elements very much reminded me of No One Lives Under The Lighthouse. Great job.

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Unsettling with a sprinkle or two of dark humor. I hope this isn't a horrific insight into the future.

This one really impressed me. I love how you've brought the characters in the paintings to life.

This was a surprisingly creepy game. Very simplistic in many ways but it features great artwork/audio and an unsettling atmosphere. Nice work!

Fantastic fun and really quite intense. It certainly has a Puppet Combo vibe. I liked the use of the interference and his scissor sounds as he stalks you in the background. I hope we see "The Snipper" again.

I liked this one quite a bit. There's quite a lot of suspense and tension at the beginning before everything goes wrong.

Well played. You got me.

I just can't get over the complete lack of snakes.

A cute game on the outside, but it was quite unsettling when it wanted to be.

Fun little game. I wish Martha had eaten some of that plane food though.

Pretty good! However, this feels a lot more rushed than the previous volume. With a few tweaks and bug fixes this would be great! I think the bonus game is my favorite.

Fantastic concept. I would love to play a longer version with a few small tweaks. Great job!

Much more in-depth than I was expecting. I enjoyed it!

This is a pretty solid game that leaves you asking a lot of questions by the end. Good job.

Very much enjoyed this! Great value for money. I think the third tape is my favourite. I love the overarching story with Rachel that connects all the tapes too. Good job.

I enjoyed this quite a bit and the story was great, but it did get a little tiresome having to constantly find more terminals and read messages. I wish some of them were audio logs. Good scares though!

Seems like a great start! I hope more levels, creatures and challenges are added. I'm the future as I'd love to play a bit more.

Definitely has a brilliant look to it, but I was disappointed in how the story wrapped up so quickly.

Great demo overall. I feel like I'm sucked into the story and really want to know what happens next. I'll definitely be playing the full game. 

Aside from the village being a bit choppy on the FPS this was very solid. Good job.

I Think the students have done a pretty great job with this one. It's not perfect and there's a few niggling details that could be fixed, but it's a solid concept with a pretty interesting story too. Enjoyed it!

This was really solid! I loved discovering little clues here and there as I was beginning to put the story together. I think I'll take a look at the rest of the case files 😁

Definitely recommended!

VERY unsettling. I went through the whole thing suspecting everyone was going to do me harm. Although enjoying the first episode, I would say this one is my favorite so far. Looking forward to the next one!

Very refreshing to see one of the less popular SCPs in a game! Quite basic overall and I wish it was longer, but there's some creepy moments and a bonus appearance by another SCP too 😁

An enjoyable game! Oh, how I wish he had picked a different book to read...

Very much enjoyed this one. After playing MeatSaw I knew I was in for a treat and the game didn't disappoint. Love the puzzles and the story, but personally, I did wish I was under threat just a little bit more.

killer soundtrack too!

This was a brilliant and unsettling experience, and as such it was on my list of 10 scary indie horror games from 2021. I haven't played the updated version yet, but I'm planning to.

This might have been your first published horror project, but it was a good one! As such, it made it onto my list of 10 scary indie horror games from 2021. As far as I'm concerned this is the best game version of this SCP and you made walking down stairs a real treat, with some scary moments too.

Your game made it onto my list of 10 scary indie horror games from 2021. This was a fantastic way of experiencing Junji Ito's story. I very much enjoyed the way the game presents itself and how good the characters and locations look. Short, but definitely worth a play. 

Inside The Dark made it onto my list of 10 scary indie horror games. It's really quite an unsettling experience overall, with a few events that certainly don't help with that. By the end it left me intrigued and spooked. Great job!