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Hey thanks for the feedback! We had a build error that got rid of the Lives display right before submission, so I can see how that was totally unclear. The idea is that you have to avoid picking up the green ball. We're gonna be polishing this game over the next week or two with a focus on getting a better on-boarding experience. If it's okay with you, I'd love to tag you when we push some updates to get your opinion on how we've fixed some stuff. Thanks for playin!

Thanks! We didn't really have the time to implement any onboarding unfortunately, but we wanna keep working on it, so that will definitely be added! 

eat sleep goo runner repeat

This is really fun! I love how you implemented time stop. It's really satisfying to stop time, and set up a barrage of punches to just wreck a crowd of enemies. I also really like how Sex Pistols works. It's fun and really simple.

Absolutely LOVE this game!! Incredible how much charming and fun it is.The art style is super cute and appealing and I loved the writing. It was silly and funny and had lots of great nods to the series. I was a little confused on how to get out of jail at first, but I eventually figured it out.  It's impressive you were able to make such a long experience with so much art in the allotted time! Excellent job, my friend!

Unfortunately couldn't get the game to work on my pc :c. But I watched the video you have on the game page and I'm really impressed with how many levels you were able to include! I also absolutely adore a lot the presentation (the bucciarati transitions are incredible). Great job on all the pixel art.

Really love the gameplay. A wave based survival game was a great fit for a JoJo combat based game. I really like the stand having two different ranges. It adds a fun layer to the combat. Great job!

Love the idea of Jolyne using her stand like a whip a-la Castlevania. You've also done a great job capturing the feel of Castlevania. Love the pixel art. Had a few glitches in my playtime, but this such a fun idea and executed really well considering the time period. Y'all should be really proud of yourselves, great job!!

Glad you liked the jam! In the discord, we been talking about doing another one at some point, you should totally do that if we do!!

Yeah hehe, we totally did run out of time. We had an animation ready for the breaking, but didn't have time to implement it

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cute game! I love the way Speedwagon jumps, lol. I wish there a was way to play again after a round, and wish there was some way to deal with obstacles that didn't lower your scoreBut great job overall! Glad this jam got some Speedwagon love

Very cute game! Love the presentation and the lil mini-game at the end. Is that background from sailor moon anime? Anyway, great job y'all!!

LOVE this game. The gameplay is simple and super satisfying. I love your pixel art style and your poses do a great job of characterization! Really a great game, well done!

LOVE this game. Your animations are super charming and particle effects looks great. The timestop and the way valentines go FLYING when its released just feel great. Overall, great job!

Nice! the sprites look great!

Looove the presentation on this one. Great use of sound effects! Were all the sprites made for this jam? (Big fan of turtle polna). Enemies can act kinda strange when they die and it can be kinda tricky to tell when you are getting attacked. Jotaro's moves just a tad too slow, but the idea of this game is super fun. I feel like with more time to polish, y'all could have something really, really cool here. The timestop is really fun to use. Overall, great job y'all

Fun game! I love the design of this Jordigo fella and the idea of punching a disease feels very JoJo, lol. The game crashed for me each time I ran out of lives, and I accidentally got myself stuck off screen a few times. The 4-directional attack felt a bit limiting at times, but I found the game very fun! Great job!

Ohhh okay. I wasn't familiar with the source material so was kinda confused. DM me on discord (you can find me through the JoJo Jam server, and I can get you added back.

Not sure how this fits into the theme of JoJo Jam, So I removed you from submissions. If there's something I'm missing message me about it and we can talk about having it re-added.

The fix is now live! redownload and you should be good to go!

Thank you for reporting this and sorry to hear that happened. We just pushed an updated that should fix this issue, so please give the game another try!

JoJo Jam community · Created a new topic Discord Server!

Hi! I made a discord server for this jam to be able to form teams and better communicate about the jam! Please join if you're partaking in the game jam!

Hi! This is my first time hosting a game jam so I think if the jam goes well I'd love to host another one sometime in the future.

I’m sorry to hear that! All of us on the team use Oculus’s to test so that slipped through us. We plan on putting out an update in the next week or two and can address any issues that come with vive. 

Thank you so much!!! I'm so glad someone noticed the camera trick :')

Love this game! very charming sprite work and the gameplay loop is very fun! Great way to do horror game with one button, congrats!

Car got stuck on an edge of road for me. Fun concept! I think it could be slightly improved by having the car slow down to come to a stop rather than stopping instantly. Congrats on your first game! Keep making stuff!

Thank you!! We’re looking into porting the game to mobile

Simple and fun concept with some nice minimalist visuals. Great job!

Hi, thank you for playing! We plan to update the game later in the year (when we all have enough time to do so), so maybe we will add some sort of end-state or finale. Originally, we wanted the game to be un-ending to give the player a feeling of a useless struggle, but you raise a good point.  I think adding some sort of Point threshold that causes a sort of end to the game would be a great way to improve the experience. Thank you for your feedback!

Hi thank you for the feedback! The random generation gave us a lot of technical troubles so we had very little time to polish (AKA: fix scoring bugs and improve performance). We plan to update the game later this year, fixing some bugs and re-balancing the random generation to make it feel more like a bullet-hell, so I hope you'll consider trying the game again then. With the game we tried to implement a cosmic horror aesthetic and theme, but I can see how you feel the game isn't mechanically very horror oriented.

Having played on a controller now, this makes a lot of sense! It's definitely the ideal way to play. I love this game and hope y'all continue to add to it (the phone was a great addition btw). Either way I'll be following whatever y'all working on. Much love

I love this game so much!! Once I got used to the controls it felt like butter to control. Big ups to whoever programmed the movement. I love the look and style, and the audio visualization going on with the sun. My one complaint is in the download version I can't type my name for highscores.

Fun idea and a cool start, but I found myself holding left click while playing to be swinging, at which point I had to ask, why not have automatic swinging?

This is a really cool idea! Think it would  be a blast to play multiplayer. If you plan on expanding it, I think some more complex movement options would be a ton of fun in this system (dash, jump, sprint, etc)!