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It's not about hating or supporting us, it's about your need to broadcast that you don't 'support' a person's right to exist in a way that harms no one. That's homophobia.

They're so?? adorable?? I'm?? sobbing??

Got this game with the Palestinian Aid Bundle and I really did enjoy it!

One problem is that the sensitivity feels way too high, but I was able to fix that by just manually turning my mouse's sensitivity down, didn't really ruin anything for me.

This game was difficult, but it was still really fun!

Tip for people struggling: Greta is professional, Angelo likes fun, Greg likes people who suck up to him.

I have some mixed feelings on this.

The bulk of this game is amazing! But the endings seem kind of stale. (I also think you can't get either ending? And the only thing that separates them is just what link you click? Which is what threw me off the most.)

This game is so fdjaop9fihaqjpo I love it!

I really enjoyed this game! I'd love to know more about what happened, but it also seems like the mystery is the appealing part. Either way, this game was a nice, short, experience.

This game is great! It has a really unique ideas for vampires! Also, we stan the representation! ><