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I wish I knew which ending is the "true" ending...

I'm guessing that the game doesn't wait for more than 10 minutes - I'm going to not start now

Just got the "don't start" button, still waiting just in case there's more if you don't press either...

I just realized there was more dialogue, now just listening :)

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That trial seems to be working now, but this time I got a weird glitch where it showed me the snake person picture 3 times (the scene just replayed) before continuing...  Don't quite know what happened there.  Now to actually win the game!

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I keep getting 5:30, which is really nice but weirdly consistent.  I should not be getting that as often as I am...  (by consistent I mean almost every time I get the starting 5.3, the last digit is 0, not that I'm getting 5.3 consistently) 

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Loving it so far!

Every time I get to the counting circles thing, if I get it wrong I get dialogue, but if I get it right the game stops making sound effects and does not progress.  Maybe I'm missing something,  but for now I'm a bit stuck

Later I'm going to go back and rewatch some of your videos...

Edit: That time I got to the circles, it wouldn't take the right answer, but when I clicked on a wrong answer after the right answer the game actually ended instead of getting stuck.

I'll get back to playing this later - maybe I'll make it through that or it will be fixed when I get back :)

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I think I need to restart Chrome.  I lagged the game so much that it won't load again...

EDIT:  I fixed it.  Restarting worked :)

And I also beat it with no arrow keys.  Yay!

I just tried to beat it with no arrow keys, just bombing.  Turns out, when you place down 30-40 bombs and they all go off at once, the game doesn't really appreciate it...

I love it!  Keep making great games!