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Today has been a long day of working the bugs out of procedural generation for the levels. It's finally at a point where there are no major bugs, and just some small kinks to work out. Have a taste of the layout of Level 1!

[All art and design is placeholder]
Procedural level example

Generation has gone through three internal versions already, the concept phase, the first version, and this rewrite. The concept version was just that - a hacked together bunch of code that in lieu of performance generated exactly what I wanted levels to look like. After moving from the concept to the first "Clean" code version of it, I realized that my performance during level generation left a lot to be desired, so I rewrote the whole thing from the ground up with performance first, and I'm happy to say now that performance is absolutely perfect. I've went from 10 seconds to generate a large level (100+ rooms) to less than 2. It's now time to move onto more pressing matters such as re-implementing the concept's screen shaders and artifacts.

I've also watched Unity's keynote on 5.6 today and I'm really excited for some of the new engine features, as they'll be very useful for this project. Especially the navmeshes.

Anyway, that's all for now.

Created a new topic Hello!

Hello everyone! I'm Ray, the developer of Infinique. I'll be using this community board to post about updates, dev blogs, and interact with the community (When one exists)!

Currently the game isn't available, but soon I'll be pushing some pre-alpha builds along with screenshots, videos, and tidbits! TIDBITS!