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You could make a gladiator game with the same mechanics. But add a real currency and rig the market so that gamer had to sell their body parts and buy new weapons. Also add more consequance to loosing a limb.

I don't want to overrate it but before this i disliked text based games. Now Im thinking of playing more any recomendations?



is this a turkish game?

jesus crist this is the best gamejam game ı have ever played!

game is really fun and ı love the way you told us how to open secret doors using arrows. I hope there'll be a story too. Cant wait for the real game.

Really fun game but ı thınk it needs more improvement. like a bigger game and more abilities would make it and its story better.

Well Im a bit saddened. Like I would love to befriend the Dio with tuberculosis and the final boss emo Za Waurdo. But the game is good as it is and hope to see a full version like 10 hours or something (Not to force you or anything but this idea is really cool and would love to see it more of it) Well whatever you do I wish you good luck.

is there a good ending? amazing game by the way

Very fun and interesting story. the way we slowly learn about the story was amazing. its masterfully crafted and written.