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Yes, Windows 10, but I don't think it has anything to do with the operational system.

In the second picture it should be the game to install. Instalează means intall, in my language. But there is nothing to choose from.

And then in the first picture is the error I get after clicking install. It says "There has not been found any upload compatible with this title".

For some reason I can't install it with the itch App, why is that?

I have just finished it and I feel like I am missing something...

- Where is Magical Otoge Melanie? You mentioned it in the Author's Note, but I only see Magical Otoge Iris, which is not yet completed.

- Also in the Author's Note you mentioned 2 magicians, and said like "the magician of this world was not X, as you have guess, but instead Y, the first magician eva". Wait, who is X and who is Y? What did I not play or read? Was I supposed to know them from somewhere?

Really good job by the way, liked it a lot.