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The Cinnamon Synonym

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Viewers of good content, UNITE! We all want to change the world, but since I'm the Great Dictator of Salevsk, I can actually do it. This is a very entertaining (if slightly repetitive) game where I decided the fate of my people. 

It was a very pleasurable experience! I always win in the end (even if I have to cheat). 

Hello, my name is the Cinnamon Synonym, an indie game Let's Player. I really enjoyed the writing and the humor, but the gameplay was pretty glitchy on my end. (I played the windows version, which I later learned wasn't the latest version). I just wanted to let you know that I am thoroughly looking forward to future content from you! 

At least I learned something about myself...

A very fun (and NSFW) experience! I can't wait until this is a reality!

Taking care of business today in a new Cinnamon Synonym episode where I play a very interesting indie game called Sales Pitch! 

Thanks for all your help! This was a very fun dating experience!

I enjoyed this very weird game!

Judge, Jury, and Executioner: All in one convenient app! 

This was a very fun and amusing little game. Great job to the developers! 

As a fan of 1980s pop culture, I can definitively say this hits the nail on the coffin. A great game (and numerous broken bones!)  

This was a great game! Very atmospheric with a stellar soundtrack. It took me a little while to get the ending, but I'm very glad I did. 

This was a great game! Loved the writing style and engaging dialogue choices. I would highly recommend this game to anyone. If you are curious about the game play, make sure to check out my video!

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And finally, part 5! Make sure to play this great game!

Part 4

Part 3

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This is Part 2

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! I'm the Cinnamon Synonym and  I am celebrating  it by playing this awesome game on my channel. (I'm hoping to date Sareth!)

My name is The Cinnamon Synonym and I made a short gaming video, featuring the newly named Mr. Alfonso! I would love any advice/feedback!

Since it's the month of love, I tried playing this very cute (and weird!) game. Thank you for the experience!

Hello! My name is the Cinnamon Synonym and I make videos about indie games. I'm currently playing through Football Game and enjoying it immensely. Make sure to check out the first episode of my Spice Play. 

Hello! I played this charming (albeit super weird) game. It's pretty well-made for a game you made in ten minutes. I hope you and Lollipop Moose are still doing well together!

Hello! I wanted to let you know that I've played your demo on my YouTube channel and thought it was pretty good. I hope the rest of the game comes out soon! 

I wanted to let you know that I've played this game on my YouTube Channel. Make sure to check it out!

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Hello, my name is The Cinnamon Synonym and I just released a video about this game! It's really funny and made me smile a lot.