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i have and it doesn't give me recommendations after I've rated many games it only shows fresh/community recommendations

another part related I do have a difficult time finding games on here related to the ones I like and I'm not able not able to find those games here using their tags either unless I specifically Google it like for example mythic manor can't find it under any of its tags or even in the wide search of it

it would be really cool and beneficial if itchio had a mobile app for its consumers and that would help attract more developers and anything with an android download and maybe apple for the future would be one click of a download away

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So I came across your game on mobile from fapnation its only to v 2.1 will there be any updates to android?

House Chores community · Created a new topic Android

an Android version of your games would really be amazing since I've played all of them already they're really great games for kicking time so maybe have thoughts on an android version for 2020?

Hi there I downloaded the android version of the game, but unfortunately I come into a problem at the start where I can enter my name and cannot continue to the next screen after pressing enter and there's nothing indicating to be pressed even just tried tapping the screen in random places.  A fix? 

Can you adapt to an android version as well?  Please and thabk you  ❤

When should we be expecting the next release or at least beta release?