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Stephen Bowers

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I really enjoyed it.  The music was excellent.  It was refreshingly simple yet ultimately surprised me.

Adam Driver's unofficial addition to the Aliens franchise starts off with an aggressively sexual expository scene and a gratuitous death that fails to set up the appropriate expectations for the audience.  He retreads familiar Aliens story lines with small twists that are ultimately forgettable.  The characters are generic and lack any personality.  There are no emotional stakes.  It feels passionless and paint by the numbers.  It beats the audience over the head with the corruption of corporations and doesn't seem to have a clear feeling about the morality of the blue collar protagonists.  It is ultimately boring with a twist at the end seeming to try to shoehorn in diversity at the very end.  A muddled, mess that rests on the films that came before it and flashy effects.  During the screening, Mr. Driver attempted to direct the audience into giving the reactions he deemed appropriate.