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This definitely got me a couple times. Pretty good. Solid quality and decent length. Good job!
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 The screams were a good scare and the atmosphere is good at adding edge. Hope to see more from you.

Atmosphere immediately got me. FANTASTIC.

This was extremely uncomfortable

The ending made me scream like i have never before. Good job on the scares and atmosphere!

I knew it! He is real :D

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I was pretty much immediately creeped out. Lol 

Was not expecting that ending at all!

This scared the heck out of me.
I was absolutely terrified of what could happen next!

MCDONG's is Great

This was a very interesting premise.  It made me really think.  In my video, I did speak about my thoughts and what I got from it.

This was a really creepy but interesting premise.

totally accidently completed the ritual. I promise. 

 But, yeah this was in a way better complete and polished spot than i thought it would be from the description. Great job!  Can't wait to see what ya add and do from here.

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I'd be lying if I said I wasn't lost

This Demo has to be hands down the best experience in a while. I was terrified, completely struck with fear from this.  Can't wait to see how the full game is when it releases.  Thank you for releasing such a solid snippet of the game. Keep it up!

Was not fully sure on what was going on. But otherwise put together very well.

This was very well put together. Thanks for making and sharing it, Lixian!

This is a really solid experience! Loved it.

I was SO close dying!

I absolutely HATE Mannequins so this definitely had me on edge.

This one definitely made me uneasy the entire time. Haven't actually screamed like that from a game in a bit. Good job! Check out my video if you would like to see my reaction!

Got me pretty good a couple times haha

This was a pretty fun little game. Tempted to go after the second ending I didn't get haha!

This was a pretty good experience. It had me on edge especially when the basement door opened. Thanks for sharing this!