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This game is hard! I felt very constrained by the size of my drone versus the roads I was flying over. I believe in the original River Raid there was a bit more breathing room. Shots taking energy is a neat concept, but I would say that enemies shouldn't take 3 shots to go down, maybe 2, but preferably 1. That all being said, the procedural generation is done nicely, and I do like the neatness of the buildings (makes it so they don't draw  my eyes away from combat). Gameplay is a tad too slow, but a quick camera change and variable increase, along with smaller size of plane, would fix that right up!

A solid concept, but the execution just wasn't there. The moving blocks is a neat feature, but because of it and the fact that I can just stay in one spot, I never felt like moving and I was winning the game. Increasing the diagonal movement and making the player move would help. Also, the score and lives are very difficult to see with the color choice. Again, concept is fun and the art is pretty decent as well. 

It feels like a good amount of time was put into the visuals and gameplay mechanics. It is impressive enough as it stands in 1D, but with all the 3D manipulation, it is insane! Very difficult from the get-go, so off-putting for most casual gamers. Really great game overall.