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Hello! Great work on this very fun mod, but I had a question.
Being able to turn light source things on and off is pretty neat, but it actually makes certain secrets inaccessible (such as in MAP04 of TNT: Evilution). Is there a a way to turn that feature off?

That all sounds very self-important and "this is the reality of things, and if you don't like it you can divorce yourself from mankind", but it misses and obscures the fundamental point I was getting at. This isn't about intellectual properties or the line between parody and plagiarism or whatever other semantic debate you want to hide behind. I'm talking about:

-Taking another artist's work
-Putting some cursive editing in
-Uploading it to the internet and asking for money in return

If it was only 1 and 2, even that ultimately would be inconsequential on a grand scale, but it's 3 that changes the whole context. This isn't about who holds the copyright, it's about the individual artists who put work into what you're recycling and are completely disregarding in this whole affair. No amount of post-modern thinkpieces justify that, nor does being desperate for money. This isn't a judgement of what you're creating, it's a judgement of your attitude towards other artists' work and your business model. If your goal is to make an artistic point, you can do so without making money off recycled artwork.

If you need to resort to insults and ad hominem accusations to back up your argument, then I've got nothing else to say. The record will show I've been nothing but civil through this whole exchange. Have a good day.

And you refuse to acknowledge that "pay what you want" is not the same thing as "100% free". You can still choose to pay, and thus give them money for unoriginal content, and THAT is the heart of the issue. If they had donations disabled for this title then I'd believe in their good faith, but as it currently is I'm hard-pressed to do that.

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And like I already said, if it was *entirely* free it wouldn't be a problem, but there's still the donation option. Facultative or not, it's still money they're getting for content they didn't create, and arguing otherwise is nothing if not disingenuous.

As disingenuous as calling my effort to point this out "embarrassing" and relentless. Way to put on a show for everyone else reading the comments and make me look like a baseless aggressor.

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Title card and character portraits are edited from the "Cardcaptor Sakura: Itsumo Sakura-chan to Issho!" Pretty convenient to have a "ask if you're the creator and we'll take it down" policy on content from a 1999 tie-in game.

I mean, if this was a free game I wouldn't have a problem, but the fact you're taking money for it changes the whole context.