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sad i tried recently and got some errors :(

but this mod is still pretty amazing i have a lot of fun with it

Sounds dope

The mod started to finally work, it wasn't spawning the portal before which was weird, sadly there is a little error message that pops up every time you go to the NT:TE new sewer area

thank you!

Yeah i tested it in a ton of my runs, works pretty fines. Do you plan anymore mods like this? I would love a boss for looped sewers, and looped labs.

tony hawk

Mod doesn't work for me, tried using the ladder, tried going their with Debug command, did not work.

Compatible with NT:TE, and Vagabounds?

Is this compatible with NT:TE, and Undergrowth?

Are these compatible with NT:TE, or Vagabounds?

Compatible with NT:TE, and Vagabounds?

Oh and when is next proto character coming out?

Pretty cool, is this compatible with NT:TE, or Vagabounds?

Pretty dope mod, is this compatible with NT:TE and Vagabounds?

kk, pretty cool mod tho

pretty dope

Whenever i try to load this mod it says its missing 4 items that were in the mod. The mod doesn't load entirely.

Does this work with NT:TE?

Compatible with NT:TE?

This is pretty cool!

Love this mod, but is it compatible with NT:TE

Is this mod compatible with NT:TE

Next world cup will have the next skin right?



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I Have TE enabled, and i think its causing problems with some of the crowns, when i use this skin mod with TE the crowns start to blink and flicker.

Does this support modded enemies?

Does this mod work with Territorial Expansion?