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I....did this game just make me a communist? And make me like it!? 

Amazing game either way i'm just having a bit of an existential crisis now xD

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Oh boy so i'm writing this as I play the last of the true route, (at least I THINK its the last....i got faked out once already e.e), so i'm sorry if this review is a bit disjointed as I literally just rolled out of bed and realized 'oh yeah, i need to scream into the void more about this game'.

So here we are! First the spoiler free stuff obviously.

Now knowing what I do about the hidden route most of my complaints about the main routes kinda fizzles out. Kuro's slight apathetic reactions despite supposedly being yandere, why tf kuro was drugging me at the end of every. goshdang. route, the plotholes i noticed in a few of the routes, all that pretty much evaporated once I got into the hidden route (bless my parents heart for not asking why I was screaming what the f at my monitor yesterday afternoon xD). 

Overall, while hindsight is/was 20/20, for what they were revealed to be i feel like the main routes were perfect and a fun little trip into different worlds with my favorite yandere boi.

Then we got to the hidden route.


Okay, hopefully the fresh eyes are gone now and I can rant because OH MY GOD.

Like i had nailed pretty quickly I was in a sort of simulation but I had not imagined the exact way in which I was correct. I assumed the hidden route was gonna be me busting out of my controlled stasis, tracking down kuro, and smooching him as we ran off into the sunset (which, i mean, there was an ending for that xD).

Boy do I miss those days of innocence.

So full disclosure, I haven't read the comments, so maybe we have some word of god clearing some of this up but I guess i'll get onto my main complaint.

Kuro 13 is very obviously not the one we experienced the routes with, and as Isaac said, he needed a bonded pair for his plan to work. I kind of get the feeling Student Route!Kuro (he looks the most simillair and lacks a number so i gotta make him some kind of alias) was the one we went through the routes i was kinda dissapointed that he and 26(did i get the number right? xD) weren't the protagonists of the main story as i felt that through hell and high water bond didn't really transfer to 336 and 13.


God, once i got into 336 i was fighting my rapidly growing attatchment to 13 because I always assumed Shiro was the endgame but I did appreciate how neither he nor 336 were ever attracted to one another. The way he recognized she wasn't the woman he loved, despite sharing some memories, and she viewed herself as fundamentally a different person than her originator was a really nice twist on the usual way I see these stories go.

I was already planning out fairly humerous family dynamics between 336, 13, raine, lily, and shiro when the end of 336's route hit me like a gawddang truck. Not that I minded how it ended, there was never going to be a truly happy ending for the pair in the real world (or maybe in the desert ending the saved the world on their own rather casually, as 13 is rather good at combat and 336....well she's MC's final form).

But then after 336 and 13 sacrificed themselves I lost what remaining emotional ties I had to the character I was playing. Like Shiro is/was great and MC deserved to live after what she went through. But everything I felt after that just came down to empathy, i felt like I was reading a story rather than living it, which maybe was the whole point and i'm just an idiot.

And that concludes my review, final result: how dare you make me feel these feels 

okay in all seriousness though xD This is/was an amazing ride and I fully intend to update this review when I finish the true end fully but as I kind of lost that emotional connection to the protagonist when she died to save her predecessor I figured this was a good time to sit down and compose my jumbled thoughts into a review/comment.

I've been following this project since I first found it posted as a game where the yandere love interest was the main focus (which huge props for pulling off and still managing to make engaging!) and i'm so glad to see it made it to completion, since it was a free game and all i had my doubts/worries, but this game has made me feel things that most commercial vn's rarely do nowadays, and much as I hate myself knowing what's in store I will definitely be back if/when the GxG version is out (would be back for the others but i really can't play a male protag xD)

Take care of yourself and have a great day! <3

Edit: I'm back, MC is happy, and I would very much like to bang/romance the mysterious voice even if it's a terrible idea kthxbai!

omg i keep paranoidly checking this page waiting for the release, i may die of anticipation before it launches, i am ridiculously excited!

oh good, just wanted to make sure I hadn't missed something important doing the mystery xD

and i very much will, i need more of my favourite valentine boy in my life!

I came, I saw, I conquered.

So like, i managed to put the story together and everything, but i guess it felt a little open ended? Without getting into spoilers or anything when i found the guy the chocolates were for things seemed to happen suddenly and with an unclear resolution, at least in the good end.

The bad end i have no doubts as to what happened xD

Anyways great game regardless! I guess i'm just wondering if i'm supposed to feel as confused and out of the loop as i wound up feeling?

What's your definition of good? xD

Don't Open Your Eyes dating sim when?


just downloaded the game, still making money hand over fist via rats ;