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Really unique game! Whoever made the sweet home Alabama cover needs a raise.

Really awesome visuals guys. I look forward to seeing what else you'll make!

Love the birds and the cutscenes, great entry!

Very cool graphics. Loved the motion of the bird's heads!

Very cute game, Love the artwork! Some instructions on how to use the buttons would be helpful :)

Love the cute little penguin. The level feels really well thought out and well polished. Good job!

Does what it says on the tin. It was fun creating an all-devouring mega bird. Nice entry.

Simple, but surprisingly engaging. Nice use of the theme and a great example of minimalist game design. I tried to win more times than I'd care to admit.

I really liked the artwork! It took me a little while to realise you have to click the scroll first to place the portal. Great entry!

Very impressive entry! The game feels very well polished and planned. Could use a tutorial as some of the controls take a bit of getting used to.  :)

I really like the concept and the graphics. Was quite unforgiving without a controller. Good job!

Great game. 10/10 for the cat!

Great game guys!

Parachuted into a remote location in the Colombian jungle in a fight against the notorious “El Zorro” cartel. Special agent codename “DORA” risks it all in a daredevil mission to rescue a captured operative.  She must survive with nothing but here courage, wits and magical backpack. 

Made within two days for the Quarantine Jam.


Oph- Programmer

Cicero - Art, Project management

Kaylee - Music, SFX 

Cool game. I really liked the lighting mechanic. :)

Really engaging gameplay! I died so many times haha.

Nice artstyle and great game design. I was left wanting more levels!

Great concept!