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Incredible concept, I love everything about this game
The story was very intriguing, felt like a short story that I would 100% read
Also loved how tense the final segment was, the timer and all the parts breaking really made it feel like a mad rush
I reviewed it here, really good stuff

Absolutely adored this game, one of the most beautifully haunting short games I've played on Itch
I can't wait to play the rest of your stuff, especially Please Follow

Great concept, can't wait to see the full release whenever it's done

There's so much to love about this game, the writing is great, the music and sound effects are really creepy, and it managed to scare me more than once
Can't wait to see more of your work!
Also includes everyone's favourite... Minmo!

Cool short horror story with amazing pixel art, really love the character portraits especially. I'd love to see something like this expanded on, but for what it is it's very cool. I talk a little more in-depth on it in this video

Love the look of this game, surprisingly not as hard to play as it first looked. Would like some more movement options, but honestly the middle finger mechanic already puts it leagues ahead of other games where you can't do anything to stop the monsters
Really cool aesthetic and really smooth once you get the hang of it, loved it a lot

Really cool game! played this on a whim one night and I really loved it, was very happy that I decided to give it a go. Trying to juggle the mini-games while keeping an eye on the monster is super clever, very good take on this kind of game, also just love the whole setup and aesthetic
I covered it at the end of this video, I'm excited to see if any further updates come out and might revisit it eventually

Very cool little game, can't wait to check out Dread Templar soon. The aesthetic looks so cool in a shooter like this, would have liked a bit more difficulty or even a boss fight at the end, but for a game jam game it's really fun. Has me really wishing for a full game that looks like this. Included it in this video for slightly more in-depth thoughts

Fantastic game, very reminscient of a lot of my favourite RPG Maker classics but with a gameboy twist. I can't even begin to pick my favourite moment because the art is genuinely so beautiful, and the story was really good. Really fantastic, shame that the game doesn't have any music or sfx, but I honestly still recommend it without it.
If you want to hear any more, I covered it in a recent video

Really cool game, loved the commitment to the old aestethic. The art is fantastic, really nice pixel work, especially in the opening. The main issues I had with it were the enemies spawning on top of you at the bottom left and right doors, felt a little bit cheap, would like a bit of a warning like the top door.
Other than that, can't wait to see how this game develops, I included it in a recent video and would love to come back to it when it gets more updates.

Loved the game, really cool concept and executed really well. That window scare was genuinely great and the endings weren't too hard to get. Took me about 2 hours to get all of them. Highly recommended and can't wait to try your other games

Loved the game, especially the way it was made, I'm a sucker for collaborative Multimedia projects so this was right up my alley
Would love to see you guys make an even longer game and also looked at the art on your website, some serious talent here
I made a video on itch games and included Yurei Station in it <3

Absolutely loved this game, everything from the art to the writing was really unique, excited to play Secret of Myers since I didn't realise this was technically a spin-off
Amazing work, I included this in a video on Itch games <3

Absolutely loved the game, played this and (Don't) Open Your Eyes and I'm very excited to see what you do next! I also included you in an games video <3