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wow!! this makes me feel like the day after a conversion therapy session!

this looks dead fun i hope to buy it when i have the money

modeste's tboy swag is unparalleled

what the fuck

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Hi there! Tiny bug- when you select Reed's option and he/him pronouns you get the 'you wake up...' dialogue a few times followed by an empty screen before it progresses to the next section. Great game!


first played the demo like a year ago i cant wait to see how it's changed!!

cant wait!! this is gonna b so good

one more week!! cant wait

wow, that was terrifying! i loved it!!!

woooo!! cannot wait for the episode 6 release!!


oh man dude this makes me feel so much better haha. swimming club here i come

really fantastic! lmao at xyx's epilogue.

we're all gay arent we

my brain is melting out of my eyes in the best possible way

woahh this is awesome i love oisein

once again i love damon reznor

their character design is awesome!

hello lgbtq community

thnx 4 the update!!

what a lovely, spooky little game

xelef simp club

this is good, i needed this. thankyou

do u use macafee or any other shitty antivirus

i never played fire emblem i found this on the project randomiser and its good

this is so fun!! its incredible you made it with bitsy!!

heyo so i think your antivirus saw 'exe.' and just ran with it tbh

right okay so go get it in folder view and left click, at the bottom of the menu it should say properties. now check the box marked 'unblock' and save and close. it should get it working i had the same issue

hi there!! im on the 32 bit version bc my laptop cant really handle 64 bits very well, and for some reason whenever i try to play a story mode week the game crashes and closes itself? i can play individual songs on free play just fine though

hi this is beautiful

all of your games feel like waking up. thank you, your games have helped me through a lot.

how is this game so underrated???

i played this game at egx last year its great to see how much it's developed

wont download unfortunately :( the error message just reads 'removed'

wow this is the third time a bitsy game has moved me to tears today

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this is such a nice game, i really like how characters can have scars and acne, but text to speech doesnt work for the mc's choices

i like this

this is an awesome game

so cool