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I noticed playing the game the soundtrack uses "layers" that fade in and out depending of the action you are doing and the zone of the island you are. How many "layers" do the soundtrack has? What considerations did you made when organizing the soundtrack? 
I loved it and I enjoyed the game so much. Thank you for developing it <3 

I loved the game as it is <3 I greatly apreciate that is a short game. In my personal case I'm a student so I normally don't have a lot of spare time to play videogames. This game gave me a mental break from all the homework and exams and and I loved the ending. Simple, short and wholesome.


I've made my father play the game.
Prior experiences: Played the first 2 chambers of portal and about 15 minutes of minecraft years ago and looking at the floor and being stuck on doors. 

He played exactly like you described on the video. He even hold shift in the long part to run, so it was satisfying to see him playing. 

I noticed only two bugs with the game
1 - In the door that changes the mouse movement from horizontal to vertical the collision box with the door is somewhat buggy. I had to help him and it was even tricky for me to pass that door. I think it was something only that happened in my situation. So I don't mind that much. 
2 - The last part when you have to jump in the last bridge, my dad didn't jump but he still reached the bridge. I think the bridge is too near. 

A few comments:In the same last part, my father used the left hand to sprint (Shift), and the right hand to move and interact (W and E) (He didn't jump as I mentioned), leaving the mouse without any hand.

I think it would be convenient to add some type of puzzle that requires the use use of both hands (one in the mouse and the other one in the keyboard).

I will try to make my mother to play. And email you afterwards. 

Thanks a lot for making this minigame! 

Javier "Ciberman" Mora. 

Super difficult