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the patreon is currently going through release candidates, so soon tm. when exactly is unknown

has to specifically be free sex - prostitution counts towards whore perk. i think it's around 50 distinct instances of sex for slut?

finding mira at the highway is a very low probability event so will take a while. i think also only in a short time range in the evenings, so if you don't find her there in the 15/22ish range then you can just skip to the next day to try agai

unfortunately things like futa and male arcs will never be added to the game, since they require art, story, and a bunch of work sam simply doesn't have the time or desire to do. Best of luck finding a different game for it.

ye ye

this is the current public release, I think development is somewhere past .26 with a few leaked builds out in the wild 

that's in the works, just... long time between released updates

not available yet, hopefully next update

probably next update, but you currently get a similar-ish ability in haven and I think some other areas using the succubus pill

that was the most recent major update. while there have been leaks and such around, we went from 3.0 to 3.2. and the way its been going recently, while i believe sam plans the next update to be a smaller step forward, it could be 6-9 months if we're unlucky.

in which case it's only been a month since we got an update, relatively small difference on the overall update schedule we seem to get

while there isn't a full announcement for it, the current update is actually from 9/20 with a small patch at the turn of the month, so it's only 2 weeks old. that said, progress can be inconsistent, so the next update could be anywhen. but not too soon, since we just got one.

no, it's still in development

semen + time

as in twins, technically no, but there are occasional bugs that cause multiple pregnancies per pregnancy which can have weird outcomes.

not intended to be in game as far as I am aware, nor is it likely to be added

Tattoos currently aren't fully implemented, you just get a butterfly and a tramp stamp during the haven mission, the body writing you get by using a pen on yourself or bets with the soccer boys, maybe some other areas.

wants to get to duck 5, but duck appears unclickable after 3 (restarted a few times to check)

no, the update is planned by the end of july, if all goes well

there are special scenes for losing your virginity at specific points, I guess, but other than that it's just however you want to play it.

mega just screwing me never letting me download this file...

oh well, better luck next update.

having fun so far though.

ah, I knew they were in roaming somewhere... I just forgot that renpy was all lumped together and couldn't find the fixer folder .-.

on PC you can just press delete while hovering over the save you want to remove, don't know where else they're stored

numb to the world is after you get a lot of violence/trauma events, to reduce their impact so a) you don't get caught in a loop and b) represent you finding a way to cope

they're still working on it... sam prefers not to give dates so that they don't fail to meet them. 

not that I know of through the dares, but it's a random chance if multiple of them are horny during the shower/offer sex scenes, and maybe there was one during the competition for the dare

i believe in the next update there are ways to start unlocking perks early on the male start with some new events... but you'll have to wait for that (or patreon)

low confidence and being around school. higher confidence they switch targets to cass

there's not a whole lot of main story right now no, but there are a lot of scenes you can access (working at the bar, whoring stuff), and haven is somewhat expansive

with the bullies? yes, be a target of the bullying instead, and be friends with the soccer boys. then the bullying problem will magically disappear to the bottom of a lake somewhere.

currently there's only the tramp stamp from the haven mission, but in future updates, who knows


so both doesn't count 


i've gotten cassie to the milk farm, but no new dialogue for bell, milkers, anything... do i need to find whatever the step is for heating the milk farm first?

tails and cassie? cant wait til th update goes public

version numbers are confusing, but yes there should be an update coming out soon-ish (anywhere from "within a week" to "within 2 months")

wait for the next public update or support the patreon for a dev build

the mall has been replaced by the market, where you explore to get shops, as well as clothing shops in the school (seamstress club) and beach (swimwear)

it'll be fully removed from the intro in the future

yes, though they aren't as prevalent. Issha (extra kobold), the Wolfman (forget his name), and I think i'm missing a couple.

i don't think there's anything left to do, they're dead. I think you can sometimes get more involved to deliberately remove them? 

to the best of my knowledge there is no and will be no audio, might just be the built in self voicing feature. and some perks can be lost, but other can't - intelligence you have to study in the library, and not get the bimbo perk (which can be lost), commando perk can't be lost because you can't wear underwear, etc. 

also if you get caught in the grate in the storage room, unless you took that one out