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That was spooky. The markiplier jumpscare got me. I did not expect that from this game lololol. 

I'm lost while playing the game 'coz I got a key but I don't know where it is for. but then when I edited the vid I was like "Oh that was the key is for." Gotta play this game again.

p.s game starts at 20:06

The idea of going back and forth between your memories and your present is beautiful. also, the fact that you need to find clues in order for you to find your parents adds depth and mystery to the plot itself (hats down for that)

But, It kinda lacks of feels. for me, the atmosphere is quite there but it needs a little bit of a push. maybe some background music would add this mysterious, and supernatural feels. Anyway, I did not encountered any bugs. some features of the game is just a little bit confusing like the inspect mode and such. but, I really loved the game :)

p.s game starts at 13:44

AN ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIC GAME! The idea itself is mindblowing (literally). the setting is perfect. at first It was weird for me that it takes place in an arcade but as you go further in the game, the game makes you think "Oh, this is actually perfect." I played some games here on itch where you play a game inside of a game but no one by far executed it perfectly like this one

p.s game starts at 00:10

I downloaded your game in "gamejolt" I think and when I played this game it is somewhat familiar. Maybe I watched a famous content creator played your game before. Anyway, I am really excited for Episode 2! I hope I can play it in the future. More power to you dev/s and to this game ^^

p.s game starts at 04:28

I knew it! If there is a japanese thing involved in the game, it is 100% gonna be weird. 

p.s game starts at 10:52

I never thought there were more into this game. I only got 2 "endings"  I thought the second one is the end of the demo. Gotta play this game again! 

p.s game starts at 14:04

To be honest I thought I wouldn't be scared in this game, because it's pixly. and 2D. lol but anyway, I did not expect those jumpscares coming from a 2D pixel game. that was good man, oh and I also like the left mouse button feature thingy where it allows you to see stuff that is hidden. for me, that idea is unique. overall, Loved the game and I would love to play some of your games as well. :)

p.s game starts at 07:46

The game is funny and really enjoyed playing it :)

p.s game starts at 04:25

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at some part of the game, it was okay, some part was funny and some are weird. I probably skipped a lot of floors or area in the last part that is why I am clueless on what's going on. but either way I enjoyed it!

p.s game starts at 00:15

I wish i could've play more of this game, it was short but it was fun! really liked the ending :)

It was so good I thought cyberpunk was the fanmade game.

That was a great game really. I have nothing much to say but... MY BUTTCHEEKS IS CLENCHED UP UNTIL THE VERY END OF THE GAME! lol. but for real this is like parkour to the next level.

p.s game starts at 00:18

Right off the bat the game gave me a heavy atmosphere so I just tried to shake it off by saying nonsense. The game was really good up until the dev/s puts a flashlight in the game. I'm like "Do you really have to do this?" the atmosphere in the game is already heavy dammit. but even though it is really spoopy I can't believe I managed myself to finish this game. This game right here is the real stuff. great game!

p.s game starts at 09:27

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First off, I don't know what the hell is wrong with me but making that kind of soup is making me giggly. anyway, there's not much in the story but you'll get the gist of it. for a game that is made in 48h, this is fantastic. it was short but sweet and I want more. So dev/s please. I want more, We want more, please make another game.

p.s game starts at 05:20

It was a fun game! I thought at first it would an Ao Oni type of a game but I was wrong. I really dig the style of the game. It was creepy and amazing at the same time. and oh, that "dog ran into the woods" story in the game, that gave me goosebumps while playing and editing! 

I played the paralyzis game of the same dev. so I had high hopes when it comes to the storyline of this game. and boy oh boy it was spooky. some jumpscares in the game is cliche but the last one really got me! the one when you entered the TV kinda thing. am I the only one who got that jumpscare?!

p.s game starts at 12:00

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The game looks reaally good, the graphics are amazing and I never thought I would get a free a game like this. the game is really spooky and the jumpscares got me a lot of times. but it feels like the game needs an objective. the map itself is huge and looking for a specific item for you to get out is a little bit difficult. I like that the game is really generous when it comes to the batteries. but it feels like the game only has batteries. I don't know maybe I'm just dumb that I missed something. oh, and I found a tiny bug. I got stuck at the door when I tried to escape but I think it's just a minor bug. other than that everything looks amazing in the game.

p.s game starts at 5:11

since this game is in the early development stage, I expected some glitches and bugs. I just saw the protagonist naked a couple of times lol. The combat is just amazing. the movements, the slowmo kinda thing, the flips it was all amazing. but I noticed that it is a little bit hard to aim when you are in "spirit mode" (idk what to call it sorry) When I died in the boss fight there's just white screen so I thought that was the ending of the game. 
Overall, it is a good game really. I am amazed by the combat animations it feels like  a mini dark soul game. I had a lot of fun and I'm hoping that I would see and play the final version of your game.

p.s game starts at 00:16

Can I just say? that this game is a reaally really fun game!

I had a lot of fun playing it, it's not like a real thief simulator where there are some cops that is involved and the game gets really annoying. it's like a comedic simulator and the dev/s really nailed that part. the graphics really suits the atmosphere of the game and that's what keeps me from playing it even though the npcs got me a lot of times.  I got jumpscared a couple of times but still I'm laughing my ass off 'cause this game is just fun. really fun.


This game kinda reminded me of the games that I played in Y8 back in the day, the artwork, the sound, the way you shoot and even the leveling system in the game. As you progress in the game, The level becomes more challenging than the last one and the dev really nailed that one. 

I also love that you can upgrade your weapons, there are also some perks that will help you to clear a level. and there are some characters that is unlockable and those elements in the game keeps the player playing for a long time.

But, I have a few suggestions dev:
- the platforming element in the game. 
For me, the platforming in the game is too simple. I mean it's not bad but it feels like it is lacking at some point in the game. Maybe some slopes, spikes, wall jumps and a little bit of a sliding action would make the gameplay a little bit more interesting and challenging than what it is.

- the artwork
The artwork needs a little bit of a rework or some details in it. (unless you're really aiming for this kind of style of artwork then you can just skip this part lol). anyway, some part of the game just looks too plain. the background looks plain and the enemies looks plain as well. just like what I said there is not much of a shaders or details in it. 

I'm sorry for some harsh feedback but I just want people not just us content creators to be like "Wow! this game is amazing!" "This game is really fun!" "This game is really worth paying for!" and stuff like that.

Overall, the game is fun as it is. the more you progress in the game the more chaotic it gets and I loved it. No bugs in the game which is good, the controls are also good. but some updates or improvements would make any player of this game hooked and will play it for hours and hours.  


The elements of the game is so retro. the graphics (which I love btw), the sound, the ambiance of the game and so on and so forth. but I think I'm going to focus on the sounds. there are a bunch of loud noises in the game which I think is perfect for this game because the setting of this game is 1989 or something. But, I wish I could access the pause menu while playing the game. Because while I was playing it, I couldn't lower the volume of the game and I was playing with like the maximum volume.  

The beginning of the game is a little bit boring because you're just running around the area searching for your colleague. I think it would be more creepier if there were like some hints to what happened to your colleagues and stuff like that. 

The ending is like "I think I know where this is going" maybe I just played a lot of horror games that is why I knew it was going to happen. but still it got me lol. I was a little bit confused at the end because it just suddenly happened. In terms of gameplay, the game is pretty smooth I did not experience any bugs in the game which is really nice. and oh, the VHS effect made a lot of difference. I mean come on, it is VHS effect it is perfect for this kinda stuff.

anyway, pretty solid game. I had a lot of fun playing it. it made my heart race, it made me scream and it made my ears bleed (just kidding)

I'm sorry about the long feedback I just wanted to point out everything that I experienced while playing your scary but very fun game.

p.s game starts at 12:42

That was a nice atmospheric game. The plot is simple and unique, they built these towers to get water from the clouds and you are the only one left. while I was playing the game, I was relaxed on some part of it but I felt uneasy on some of them. because there are these mini stories inside the game and some of them are dark but I think that's what makes the story of this game rich. In terms of the graphics, it is amazing. the artwork really fits the mood of the game plus the cutscenes are frickin good and the voice acting as well. It feels like I'm not playing a free game.

p.s game starts at 00:15

At first I was confused about the gifts at the ending of the game. At first I thought it was just a part of the game to make it look scary. But, while I was editing the vod I was like "Oh, That's what I'm looking for isn't it?" I think it would be little bit spooky if right off the bat you could recognized it as them. 
when it comes to the puzzle of the game it was pretty easy which is good 'cause i suck at puzzles. the ending is...what you were expecting in a horror game like this. but anyways it was a pretty fun game. 

*I don't wanna spoil the game so i made my comment spoiler-free as I can (I hope I did a great job)

p.s game starts at 10:56

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I spent minutes and minutes on this game. the gunfights, the door kicking, the kung fu moves that I executed in this game is just outstanding. the music is dope as hell plus there is a Justin Bieber poster with a weird looking dude on the game! 
I had a lot of fun playing this game. this is one of the games where you can have some fun playing even if you were having a tough day.

P.s game starts at 03:58

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I am a fan of Junji Ito, I read almost all of his works, and seeing that there is  a game that is inspired based on his works is just amazing. the way he deliver the story in every chapter in his manga is very similar to this game. the artwork, the shader and even if there are just 3 colors that is present in this game, it is still a great game.
 I love the game. I don't think I would've loved it  if I hadn't known about the works of Junji Ito. Anyway, I really like the game. :)

P.s game starts at 00:14

I sweat a LOT in this game! the graphics are awesome, the mechanics of the game is not that bad really. but, there are some things that I noticed in the game,

1. whenever the train comes by, the fps drops I don't why but I got a good pc. I don't know if the others experienced the same but there's that for me.
2. it is not a big deal for me but there is a little bit of ice physics in the game. like you're sliding in super mario lol.
3. the dude chases you for 3-5 minutes. like wherever I go he just follows you everywhere. and this feature of the game makes it annoying and boring. 

I think that was all, the game is actually hard because there are no checkpoints, once the killer got you, you have to do all of those things again but this time it is all randomized so you'll have spend another 10 minutes or so to find the items that you need. I think it would be a great help if there are some lockers that the player can hide in or there are some items that would stun the killer. 
I had a great time playing this game, while I was playing it I can't help but to laugh at the way he runs. the game is really good and has a lot of potential. 
but yeah, that was my opinion in the game (I know my opinion doesn't really matter lol.) but I hope it helps you a little bit for the updates of the game (idk). anyway, reaally really good game, I had a lot of fun, and more power to you dev/s!! :D

the demo was great! I was surprised by the devil kinda thing because it pops up on a random thing. in terms of the puzzle element of the game, some of them are pretty obvious, some of them are not so obvious. so  I have to rack my brain on some of them. I had some issues but it was just a minor one. the dialog box was on the way but I "fixed" by interacting with some objects in the game. 

I am excited for the final release of the game. Goodluck to you developer/s and more power to this game. 

aw man, I forgot what version was it. but I downloaded the game on the "download now" kinda thing. so maybe I downloaded the older one

I hit a high note because of this game.. thanks! 
lol, anyway, I don't know if the "ending" that I got is the real ending because I was stuck at the bathroom the whole time, I clicked everything in there but nothing happened. I also had some bug experience in the part where the kid ghost kinda thing chases you and I was confused because my health bar went to 100 to 0 real quick. and after that, an "e" was on the dialog box so I couldn't even follow where the game is going because it is on the way. but, those were the only bugs that I encountered. but other than that, the game is reaally good it is scary and a bit weird at the end. overall, it is a really good horror game. 

it is a lot fun carving on a pumpkin. I mean, I don't have any experience on carving on a pumpkin in real life but hey I  got to experience it by playing this game. thanks to this game, I now have a chance to showcase my weird creations lol.

I'm not really frustrated while playing the game. Actually, I'm puzzled on what's going on. every ending has a good animation I really really like it. the mechanics of the game itself is very fun and simple, but I think I'm just to dumb for this game lol. I played similar games like this but this game stands out for me. really good game!

p.s game starts at 04:56

Hey! I found this game out through your recommendation on my last vod. and I just wanted to say that this is a frustrating but fun game! I had a lot of fun especially whenever I crushed someone's head on the game. unfortunately, I did not finish the whole game cause I was so pissed lol. anyway, fun fun game! 

p.s game starts at 00:16

I really enjoyed playing this game. it feels like a gameboy game but instead of 2D it was on 3D. I love the boss fights, the design, the music. but while I was playing I had some issues where I can't move upwards towards the gate kinda thing. but seeing that you already fixed that I think this is a fun action-adventure game :)

p.s game starts at 11:35

for me the game is not "spooky" enough. I don't know if the devs were aiming for the game to be spooky or creepy but while I was playing the game, there are a lot of question that pops in my mind. so I am confused. I feel like I'm all over the place while playing. but, there are some good jumpscares in the game. good game! 

p.s game starts at 5:11

I braced myself for this a little bit because I thought there will be jumpscares or someone or something might chase you out of nowhere but good thing the game doesn't have all of those. the plot of the game is interesting since it is 1854. werewolves, vampires and witches were a thing so I think that the creature that were focusing on falls perfectly in this setting. really nice game

p.s game starts at 00:13

"you can have you life back, if you can win the game."
you can usually saw this type of plots in an anime or movies but I did not expect I would get to play one. It is really interesting because you don't really know what is the right answer for a specific question. so sometimes you will doubt your own answer or find a different answer and for me that is the exciting part, you are risking it without knowing what the consequences will be. just like gambling. Very nice game! :)

p.s game starts at 12:41

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This game takes me back man. I used to play these types of games back when I was a kid whenever we visit arcade. the background music is awesome and the gameplay is pretty nice as well. but I have a problem with the game. sometimes I cannot punch even though I'm pressing the right key. also, when I got a game over the game won't let me play again. but anyway, it is a good game! :D

p.s game starts at 9:42

actually you got a really good concept for this game. I like that you went for a paper Mario type of a style in terms of the characters. but I think the game would be more interesting and fun if there are some quests that we need to do. not just collecting things to progress on the game. but, in terms of the graphics, the sounds of the game, the atmosphere of it. it is way up there my dood :)

p.s game starts at 5:21

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I really like the ps1 or retro approach of the game. it is nice and spooky i thought there will be a lot of jumpscares in the game. some scenarios left a big question mark in my head because there is no solid plot in every chapters at least for me. but, very cool game! 

p.s game starts at 00:07

I loved it but I also hated it... I was hyped but I was also annoyed by it.. 

I love the design, the soundtracks, the gameplay itself is so frickin' good! I don't know what  to say to be honest. but all I know is that, this is an excellent 2d platforming game!