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i hate u bcs this made me cry so hard, both endings are beautiful and I love how they said theres no right or wrong answer, just follow your heart. I cant lie I love Taku so much and idk why but the fact that hes just a normal college part time worker is really sweet. are there any more Taku contents out there? 

this is so sweet

this is my favorite genre of office romance(?) and the food looks so scrumptious my stomach was grumbling so hard

all I can say is what the fuck

literally ouch

excuse me..??

frustratingly fun

cute game but very stressful

I cant wait for Nico's route!

Id like that too! Please tell me when its ready


the credit scene genuinely made me laugh

cute but im a little sad for the cats

Its actually pretty good


SPOILER ALERT though not so much

I LOVE this game with all my heart. This is my favorite game so far and I want to play one route each day to take it slow and savor each characters. So far I've played Alucain, Aspen, Bugbear, Titus, Magdeleine, Simon and Luca's routes. Alucain was so wholesome, I was hoping to romance him but the ending was sweet enough Im content leaving it like that, and personally I think being friends would make it more sweet. Aspen was also really sweet. Im a fan of The Little Prince myself, so his route was so entertaining. Bugbear was... questionable. And weirdly enough, I like it. I mean what can I say, hes really attractive. But I just didn't expect he'd eat me out (literally). Titus' route though, its so so so cute. Finding his identity and bonding with the MC was really nice because right now Im also dealing with identity problems, so I can kinda relate. The fourth wall breaking stuff was also fun. And I love the NPC student photo, it was cute. Magdeleine though, it was something else. I actually accidentally met her a lot during other playthroughs and I've always been interested in her. Shes so beautiful and her route is also really beautiful, like its magnificent. Simon's route was a breath of fresh air, because his was so so so damn cute. Its such a cute sappy little romance story. His backstory wasn't cute though and I feel bad for him. Lastly Luca, sigh. Just saying his name is heartbreaking already. I don't have anything else to say other than DON'T play his route if your heart isn't prepared enough. I was reading other comments and saw people talking about his route being sad so I just played it on a whim and oh my god... it was soul crushing. I will continue and play this game, thank you for making such a wonderful game.

Oh lord I really didn't expect this game to turn out like this. I was just playing this because it seems like a cute cheesy cliche visual novel but I didn't expect it to turn like DDLC. It was so much fun and I love it

This is just way too good I genuinely love him so much. I wanted to get the friendly ending at the end but I just love him too much I ended up dating him after all. Cove is just too lovely, and I love the sister's relationship with MC. And thank you for making this game as diverse as possible. I'll be looking forward to your future works!

This will be a long review and spoiler alert. I wont give too much details, but at first I though I loved nightowl so much and I still do but I chose him because he was my type. And personally I never really notice Quest because he was always only in the background for me. But because I need to access his route too to go through Nakedtoaster's route. I just went with it. Of course, at first I wasn't interested and I just wanted to get it done already. But as I played through more I fell in love. Like I genuinely love him so much I had to play his route 3 times again until I can continue to others routes and I would still be thinking about him during those routes. I love how gentle he is, how kind he is and I just love the father instincts he has. I also love when he flirts back because it was just... oh god. Hes so attractive. I need more contents of Quest. The true ending was so good though like it actually made me teared up a bit. Thank you so much for making this game and I'll be looking forward to your next works!

I played this a few days ago and it still hasn't left my mind so Im sitting here in the middle of the night just to write this review. First of all, thank you for making this game and I will actively follow through all the updates in the future. Anyways. SPOILER ALERT I was first interested in the church because they actually provided a safeword for the game and I thought it was interesting, so I went through Cirrus' route. The first time he commanded the MC I was like OH MY GOD that actually did something to me. And then when the bdsm scene happened I genuinely was so shocked. I have to praise the writers for this because if it weren't for the toe curling words I wouldn't be this interested. The OST also played a huge role in this. One second it was a holy and sacred feeling while prayers and the next it was... intense. And then I went through Keir's route while still feeling dumbfounded after what just happened with Cirrus. Anyways it was a really wholesome route, it was a such nice contrast. Its not as intense as Cirrus' route but I love it so much! I'm looking forward to the fancy stranger's route.

I love this game with all my heart. First of all excuse me because I will use this comment just to ramble. I went with ichigo's route first because I was interested in his sweet persona, mind you I didn't read the trigger warning or the comments and just went straight to playing, so I thought this was just a sweet game. Spoiler alert, I immediately got hooked and played through all endings in one sitting. I didn't expect the MC to be sick in the head and I personally love her so much, even though what she did was totally wrong. I also wholeheartedly love ichigo, he still stayed with the MC through all routes and I love him for it. I think going through his route and knowing what MC's true personality is like actually made the whole playthrough so much more immersive. And going through the sweet moments with Yuzuki while knowing what those psychopaths are like, I really really enjoy it. I just think Yuzuki and Haruto deserves so much better, I wish they reunited somewhere, but considering there was that one bad ending where literally everyone died, hopefully they wont meet MC and ichigo again lmao. All in all, I love all twists and endings, will there be dlcs or extra contents about them in the future? And I'll be looking forward to your future works, thank you for making this sweet(?) game!