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What's the difference between this and the original? 

3 or 9 are best for love route imo (i just love wraps) but 8 suits corruption perfectly

Right now, I'm only missing one CG and it's the second one for the player, with the only hint being "training with Macumba". Anyone know what you're supposed to do for it? I've done all the other routes and I've maxed out my endurance, so I'm not sure what I need to do for it.

I say just call her 18 in-game and be that the end of the change.

Agreed on every front, I was all too pleased to note that I didn't recognize the bgm from any royalty free jazz sites and that the main character didn't look like a doped up frog on anesthesia many games make the main character. Seriously, I don't know where they're getting that mode but it's hideous.

Not a bad start. I like the worldbuilding with all the slime science speak. Describing fictional monsters with scientific explanations like a bestiary made in the real world is a favorite method of worldbuilding of mine, so all the explanations and stuff are a treat to read. Weird that the only H scene so far is with the slimes in their slime form, but I'm excited for future updates.

Man it's a good basis and all, but probably should've held off releasing it until it had at least a little bit more meat on its bones. At the moment, there's nothing to do, so you just run a single line of dialogue between each of the Dokis and stare at the Koikatsu models for a minute before realizing that the only H scene currently implemented is ripped from the MHA parody.

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Ah that's a bit confusing, but good to know- thanks!

Huh, that's a new one. Old save probably just isn't compatible with the new version.

Ay bro just downloaded the game from the windows grammar fix link, pretty sure you forgot to delete persistent before uploading it or sm cause i got a ton of save files lmao

Ah, there's no autosaves or anything? Bummer, looks like it's a reset for you. Good thing this game's pretty light on content this early on, should be easy catching up to your save state.

not even close lmao

Any planned feet content? I'd also love to see Binky feminization.

True that

Goes for the main character, too. He mostly just looks like the dude from Brittle Bones Nicky by Rare Americans

Pretty sure most of the creators are white dudes. Even if they aren't, making the main character match the majority of the population (white, at least in most English-speaking countries), and the demographic (young dudes), is the safest bet. 

Pretty sure save data is saved elsewhere, so you should be good with just downloading the newest version and deleting the old one. Or, if you really like the old folder or something, you could just move all the files from the new folder into the old one.

Not sure if you know about this yet or not, but there isn't a temp pic for bg_school_field_back_winter rn

Anyone know how to start the photography quest? Been wandering around school on the daily trying to start the bullying stuff, too.

Is this Ori porn

Not bad so far, best scenes by far are Makoto 2 and Haru 3 imo. I look forward to where the game goes from here. At the moment, I think the biggest gripe I have with it is that a lot of the scenes don't look quite right, probably because of the lighting. Poses and shots are really good, though. Good Job :D

You remember that part at the start of the game where Lindsey falls down the stairs? Should re-trigger now that a certain bespectacled oddball has a quest stemming from that. All you gotta do is be less of a gentleman when handling the situation for the second one.

I have no idea about the other two, though. Been stumped on them myself for a while.


Pretty sure you're just supposed to spy on her in the bathroom, assuming you're talking about the part right after playing video games in the living room.

You gotta buy a 7-up or whatever it's called from the cafeteria. it'll automatically be put in the spray bottle.

no problem 👍


It's like if every Sierra game I love was rolled into one horny package. I don't know if they were your inspiration, but goddamn is it a love letter to them, however unintentional.

First, you have to progress through both Ivy and Scarlet's storylines to the point Scarlet sends you on a quest for a dagger. Using the key you get from the chest in your room, you unlock the attic door in Ivy's room and find a map. Continue the story enough where you need to get Ivy a weapon and you'll gain access to the dungeon.

You gotta get the key from the chest in your bedroom, which will unlock the attic door in Ivy's room (check the ceiling, has to be during the day after you've progressed in her story enough to unlock the door.) (dw this took me an eternity to find, too.). Once in the attic, you'll find a map, which will send you to a new location in the top right.

Side of the school at night. Lights're on, can't miss it.

Oh man I'd gotten hella concerned for the dude. I ain't even mad about the absence or anything I was just worried he died from covid or something.

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arrows to move, space to grab, walk em to your place, downstairs, and space to peep the milk room. sleep after milking all the girls and wash rinse repeat until boredom.

Seeing that you're on android, it's probably just cause it has to load all the things you can interact with. It ain't super well optimised yet so that ain't gonna be patched for a while. Not entirely uncommon an issue.

Game's still in early development, sound ain't really a priority this early on for most vns like this.

Is this game dead? Their Twitter hasn't seen a post since August and the game hasn't seen an update since March

Just tried this and I cannot wait for the next update, as well as some options to take the submissive role. Will definitely be watching for more updates :)

Pretty sure this is as good as the demo's getting for a while without paying for the steam release

It's just cause the dev is unverified. Happens all the time, it's no biggie.