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i will try 



The head-up problem is solved

But when you look to the right and left, the model disappears before you can take your eyes off it

How Do We Fix This

i will try 


To be precise, the model disappears when the eye is away from its foot. Is there any way out of this

I looked closely and I realized that maybe when the implementation left, the bottom point of the model, the model would disappear, so when you look up, just leaving the electricity at the bottom of the model, the whole model would disappear

Thank you

Problem solved! ! I found the reason.

There's a new problem

When I'm in FPS mode, my orientation angle is about 60-90 degrees(When I look up,) The model will disappear.

(1 edit)


I'm having some problems

My model is upside down

I tried XYZ. Three Angels couldn't get him up

When I changed the scale, only one side was stretched

How Do I fix it

Thank you

Thank you! 
Your assets are great!


You can access the game source here:

Hello, I used your art material to make a similar game as my contact project! Just practice my own programming skills!

thx xd!!!!!!!!

<span class="text-dst" <thank="" you="" for="" your="" comments! <="" span="">Your game is great, too! </span>I tried to fix the fuzzy problem. <span class="text-dst" <this="" is="" caused="" by="" the="" wrong="" shader. <="" span="">But it cannot be re-uploaded at this time.</span>

<span class="text-dst hl" <there="" are="" too="" many="" jagged="" fonts,="" so="" i="" tried="" it="" on="" mac="" and="" window. <="" span="">Although I downloaded the font you requested. </span>But it's still too jagged. When I use safari on mac, the font is smooth and looks good. But it only works on safafi browsers.

Are there any other payment channels. Such as Alipay and so on. I want to buy it, but I can't use paypal

Is this the theme of c3? It's beautiful. Can I get it?! Forgive me for not focusing on the right place. But this theme attracts me so much.

I'm sorry I deleted the game. This is my game file.   gamepage:  gamedownload:

I have finished the game. The game was deleted due to error and could not be re-uploaded.

I try to update the game on the edit page. When I click delete, I suddenly find that I can't upload a new game. My game page is down. Can I fix it?

thx xd!!!

Thank you for your visit.

<span class="text-dst" <thank="" you! <="" span="">As a matter of fact, I don't know anything about art or painting at all. </span>Hh

<span class="text-dst hl" <thank="" you="" for="" enjoying="" my="" game! <="" span=""></span>

Thank you for enjoying my game! 
You're great, too!

Thank you for your played!!!. I will choose the appropriate legal font to adapt to the artistic style of the game.