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Chugada Cheese Gaming

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Great job on this! I had a blast playing and robbing some graves! Keep these coming!! 

Great game! SO MANY GHOSTS!! 

So MANY GHOSTS!! Great game I loved it! 

Man this was a blast!! Punch all the kids!! 

Great game man! Marge is crazy and theres definitely a great horror atmosphere developing. I'm excited to see what else you make!! 

Here's my play through! 

WEIRDEST TEACHER EVER!! Can't your full game! 

Great game!! Amazing atmosphere. And setting up a back story! Full release soon? 

Here's my play through!

Man Karen is nuts!!! This game is awesome!! I need mooorreee!! 

Thanks for watching! It is pretty hard at the moment but still really fun. That's a royalty free song i found on youtube's audio library fittingly called "Action Hero"!

THE WAR IS ON! Now this game is awesome! Fun casual indie game. Actually requires a little strategy. Watch me play it here. 

Holy Crap! I loved this game! The atmosphere was fantastic! Great job! Watch me play here! :)