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I cant play since I dont have a controller, will keyboard controls ever be added?

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Holy crap. I just got the perfect ending after downloading the patch, this is awesome. I didn't expect the twist at the end that -spoiler bleep- is the true villian, right after we all got led to believe it was -another spoiler bleep- . Great artwork for every single one of the endings, NFSW or not. Good storywriting as well, I really did enjoy this and unlocking all the endings is worthwhile if you play this, I plan on buying the expansion once I get some cash.

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I absolutely cannot find water all I see are these brown patches, I scoured the whole map but there's not even a puddle. I die every single time because I die of thirst, please fix this. I love the art style and the concept, but the whole theresnowateratall thing ruins that.

Very cute. Took me a few times to get 10 food and zero trash, overall a very cute game with an adorable little pixel art style even if it is a bit short.

Needs a save feature badly. The one time I did play it I got to where I could kill allosaurus easily, but closed the game with a stupid button my laptop has. I haven't had the patience to get back there so I just undownloaded it.

It only took an hour in total to finish, but I was wowed. Great visuals, fantastic atmosphere, lovely music, there wasn't anything to complain about.  An instant 5 stars from me. The only problem I found was occasionally when jumping up a cliff you would clip into it and get stuck for a bit.