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Yes thanks a lot for the french version. ❤️️

If I ever find a mistake I'll let you know.

le coup du fond rose et bleu à cliquer aux couleurs de love2d c'est pas super :/

I have no idea. I'm not sure but it doesn't look like a libretro core. I'm going to ask the person that commited 1 month ago

Nice ! I'm writing my game with love2d. My long-term target is to make it work on windows, linux, web player, and lutro/retroarch, for arcade projects and hacked consoles too.

You are actually inspiring me for the future "action part" of my ludum dare "gameboy RPG". :)

Plus, I didn't know that Pico-8 games could be exported as win/linux executables :o

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Hi, I've created a bounty to port jump'n'bump to retroarch. I think it could be good for these reasons :

- a lot of people use retroarch for retro-gaming, so a lot of people could discover this great game this way

- the retroarch core/content/controls/cheats/netplay systems could be integrated with the game, so jump'n'bump could gain new features later without doing anything.

I'm just posting this here for people that can develop and that do like jump'n'bump.

Thanks for your attention :)