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Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need further testing.

Thank you very much for this Mac version! Unfortunately, so far, the tool does not open and only show this popup

Thank you for being so understanding.

And sure, I’ll post here when the mobile version is released.

Anything that does not contain « Top & Tom » or « Top and Tom » will be fine.

I am very pleased to see people making these games based on the original. I hope that our final product will be as pleasing to play as the current version. :)

Thanks for the heads up. I have obviously no problem with derivative works based on Top&Tom. However, just to let you know, my company and I will launch the game on mobile very soon and there may be an issue with the “Top&Tom 2” name in itself. I haven’t tested your game but I’m sure it is perfectly fine. I would only require a change of name I guess. Do you think it would possible on your side?

Mac version wanted too. Can help with porting if needed.

Awesome! Will definitely test it as soon as I can.

Do you plan any release on macOS (or iOS even)?

Thanks. I’ve tried yours too. At first, I was thinking of doing the same thing, then I realized the connection between the two characters was not strong enough and I tried something else. Glad it worked so well.

Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately, I can’t test your game right now as I’m on macOS. But I will try it asap.

Thanks. :D Your game is really great too. Very clever level design and mechanics.

Thank you very much.

Unfortunately, I can’t test your game right now as I’m on macOS. But I will try it asap.

Thank you very much.

I’ve tested your game but I have to admit I didn’t quite understand what I had to do and after a few actions, it seems to allow me only the same thing. But I love the illustrations.

Thank you. Yes, the tutorial needs some work. And your concept is fantastic too. Good job!

Thank you very very much. I agree the game could be more forgiving on some points. I will keep that in mind for future iterations.

And I’ve tested (and rated) your game too. Great job. The mechanic is very nice.

Thank you very much.

Thank you very much. I will consider your suggestion if I do more iterations of the game in the future.

Unfortunately, I can’t test your game right now as I’m on macOS. But I will try it asap.

Thanks. And your folding game is very good too.

Thanks a lot. Rated your too. Multplayer in a game jam is wild.

Thank you. Yours is great too. Nice game and level design overall.

Thank you very much. Unfortunately, I cannot play your game (macOS here and no browser option).

Thank you very much

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Thanks Louis. Rated your game just now. It was fun!

Thank you very much. I’ve taken a shot at your submission also and it is a great game too. Very good execution.

Thanks. I tested your game too. Great job!

Thanks. Tested your game too. Really fun. Great job!

Indeed. Of course, it was the only combination I missed :)

Thank you very much.

I tried your game. It was very fun. Great job!

Thank you for playing. Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for your kind words. I indeed consider making a mobile version. That was not the plan at first, but in the end, I agree it could be a very good fit.

I’ve tried your game and the idea is very interesting. However, I can’t pass the fourth level. The first one with two colors. I’ve tried all combinations but nothing works.

I just tried your game, but I get an error whenever I try to access the instructions. I use Firefox.