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I love this so much!! the character designs are adorable and I really loved the music. The gameplay was challenging (for me ig my rng was a lil off) but once I got the hang of it, it was really fun! great job!!!

This game is so beautiful! I love how reflective the writing is. Also the sound work in it really helps set the mood. Great job!

this is so good!! I love the color palettes and the writing!

This game is a really creative use of bitsy. Also the art style and music fit together really well. 

I like how you made the room vertical and the path descending, it's very cool!

Also love the discussion of mental health!! (the tooth fairy is basically a mom friend and I love them)

this is a lovely little game. Intimacy is about trust and communication for me.

A tragedy of an unsolved case

Nina!! I love this! The music is great, and I love the snail sprites. Also the ending was so creative!

I love this so much! It's such a great use of bitsy, the music is perfect for the atmosphere, and the writing was very heartfelt and well done! 

I love this game!! Hearing about the experiences of different people with their gender is so nice, and the way you wrote about nonbinary identity especially was very refreshing!

I love this game so much! the music helps establish an uplifting mood, and the way it handles grief and loss is so positive!

I really liked this game! I can relate to that situation completely. I think the storytelling and narration  is excellent and I liked the ending a lot. 

this is so cool! I love the colors, the creative use of the game engine and the worldbuilding. You did a great job!

This game is really beautiful! I love the different colors you use. I also appreciate the focus on such an important topic. 

This game is so cute

Bi Disaster Prince is the best protag

The music and graphics are so pretty! I loved the story too! It's amazing how much you can convey in a single conversation

I love how you conveyed the ideas of the game through gameplay. The neverending factory/ending really emphasized the message.

This game is made with such care and attention to detail. You did a wonderful job :)

This game is so cute and wholesome!!  I love your sprites/use of text

This game is so touching and well-crafted. Thank you for giving me the chance to play it. I love it a lot. 

This is so cute! I love the bright colors. Thank you for giving Paul a fun adventure :)

Thanks for the link! I went ahead and joined. I appreciate all of your help :]

Thank you for such a detailed reply! I was only vaguely aware of borksy, I'm still learning about the different tools/options for hacking. I appreciate your help!

I really like this game a lot! The color palette is great and I love the dialogue for the cats. 

I'm learning how to make games with bitsy, and I was wondering  how you got the match item to affect the lantern sprite + add the cat sprite to the screen. I've been looking through tutorials and hacks and I can't seem to figure out how to do something similar.