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nvm ig uve fixed it by what i can tell on ur patreon, thnx always such an awesome game from u 2 :) ^^ hope to see more story chapters eventually on hf too, take ur time tho ik u got ur hands full on this game along with everything else :D

its style has more charm to it than the usual visual novels, not quite an rpg but not quite visual novel, pretty fun and i think i havent seen gameplay like this in yrs much better for both reasons in my opinion :D

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ig ill just re-extract - Error: com.badlogic.gdx.utils.GdxRuntimeException: Couldnt load dependencies of asset: Loading.png

 luckily havent tried to get far yet, just been testing out all previous things from last versions and checking out the new stuff in between, bout to check out the goblins and see if uve put up some new stuff for it and the new ogre :D i myself hope its a dickgirl like the orc and everything else, my preference after all but with u and a few other great artists ive grown to like and even look forward to and search for the trap x male :) ^_^

edit: darn hopefully a futa giant soon, and cant wait for more story and scenarios, also some anal pregnancy soon too, tho im guessing that might b a few months away :) ^^

hey back to check on u and ur game, a new updated version since last time or is it the big 1 i just read about in a more recent post/comment. either is fine the better games take more time and its ur time ur spending. many ppl pay on patreon simply to support, u could also make a delay between public and patreon versions and exclusive posts, so theres many things u can do, ud at the least get 10 patrons but u might get more than a $1 from each and u can choose to have it b a monthly pay help or a budget per update. :) sadly i dont have the cash right now but eventually id like to support many ppl with lvl 1 to 3 patronage depending on the game or author (fan of the author and the previous games i would pay lvl 2+) and cost :D ^^

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the go home pop up when too weak, i click it crashed 1, i started up again came out of cave touched a lamia sprite moving towards me and entered battle and soon as i did it crashed 2, same for the 3rd time i touched a lamia sprite after winning a bloat bug battle and it crashed. but i tried 1 time and seems 4th times the charm, it didnt crash since no problems, for some reason just wanted to crash those 3 times, explored everything and everywhere i could and just closed the game now, great game like i said b4, cant wait to see how much better u make it and all the new stuff eventually :) lol

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the game crashes at any significant point for me, after the 1st battle, crashed after i lost on purpose 1, crashed after i started a new battle 2, didnt crash after i lost by accident, after i came back out of the cave/home i started a battle and it crashed 3rd time, nice game from what i could tell but id prefer playing longer than 1 battle next time, hope to play again when at least this is fixed, mayb by next month or earlier, at the very least u could create a small quick save function and it loads w/e is saved, at least the crashing would b less annoying, tho i wonder which would take longer and would b more difficult to do, hopefully that minimal save function would b easiest, ik finding bugs and stuff is pretty tough to keep on top of especially since u fix 1 thing another bug is created sometimes :) i have windows 7 64 bit if that helps at all

ya, using everything :/

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for some reason i can no longer play the game, idk y, all ive been able to figure out is it seems to most likely b a problem on my end, but nothing shouldve changed, i played the game fine to the water spirits lost, grinded a lil closed it down for the night and went to continue a few days later which is just 30 min ago, but i go to continue load my save and just after loading it just shuts down as the ... scene and text comes into focus after creating my character, but the "game.exe" is still running in the background in my processes in task manager, ive deleted the game, re-extracted it to start all over and same thing all over again, tried downloading the december version and thats when i got the furthest, was finished talking with the lady of the inn about to get to the door and same thing, so probably mostly the game but dont know how with game or my pc and i have great pc so not to do with how well its running, i just know 1 of either is glitching for some reason, ig ill try again 1 last time after reseting my pc, ill let uk if it didnt make a difference :( nope same thing, i deleted ur games and then reset and then redownloaded and same thing >.< :(

i got to 33 hp and got the chest and 100% map and started to b unable to lower my lp fast enough, then my last fight with eye goo and i couldnt hit it had 100 lp and no matter how many turns i used to hit it shed b "overwhelmed by lewdness" and id recover 15+ lp after first aid so i couldnt get out of lewd stance, cant defeat anything if u cant even hit it. :/