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You can still use the AU version :D! If you have a DAW that can do both of course.

I can confirm that VST does not work in Catalina. I get the damaged notification as well. Works after a reinstall but when restarted it doesn't.

So cool! Thank you so much!


Just wanted to say thank you. Been waiting for something like this. It is easy to use and sounds SUPER good + it is awesome on other stuff than kicks as well! Big fan!

Important things I hope to see in the future:

Zoom on sample (mouse scroll wheel)

The possibility to set a start and an end point in the sample (and automate it for cool effects)

An option to loop the sample or a selected loop point (and the option to set crossover/fadein)

I can confirm that both AU and VST3 works fine in the newest version of Studio One 4 :).