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Hey Donnay, You can always join our Discord server at If you just started using SAMMI, I’d recommend going over the documentation and step by step guide that explains some fundamentals as well:

Hey hey! You can find the setup instructions at It explains how to install it and what to edit and where :)

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What kind OBS and OBSWS version are you using? Do you mind hopping on Discord server and posting in #extensions channel so I can help you further? Thanks! Btw this looks like you’re not connected to OBS while attempting to install it.

Weird, guess Itch doesn’t send them when the extension isn’t purchased. Sorry about that! Could you DM me on Discord or send me an email? I’ll send you the code manually :)

Thank you, fixed!

It should give you a key even if it’s free, does it not?

Hi, yes there is! Here’s the link: :) If you need further assistance, you can always join our SAMMI Discord at and ask in the Extension support channel.

Available now for SAMMI!

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Hi, You will need to update to SAMMI (LioranBoard 2 rebrand), LioranBoard 1 has been deprecated almost a year ago and is no longer supported. Please see our migration guide here:

Extension has not been migrated yet to the new OBSWS 5.0 (and OBS 28). This is a known issue which the website and its documentation is warning about as well. Please see here:

Hey Tony, thank you for the feedback. I understand this extension is a little bit more complicated to set up. Unfortunately because of how Spotify works in the first place it is not possible to make it drag and drop as you suggest. The set up page covers all the steps necessary though, and it takes less than 5 minutes to authorize it and get it running. IF you don’t wish to have a Spotify scene in your OBS, you can delete it together with the blue OBS button in your LioranBoard. I noticed there’s no link to the setup page in the Extension description, I’m going to add it so other users can review it before purchasing. Feel free to refund it and buy something else!

Yes it will be available to download for free for those who purchased the previous version once it’s publicly released later next month.

Hi! The best would be to post what steps you tried accompanied with screenshots/recordings in our official Discord server at in the Extension Help channel so we can take a look at it for you.

100%! That’s how it works for all my migrated extensions. Once it’s fully released, you will be able to download it for free :)

Happy to hear! :)

Please refer to the documentation on how to run Transmitter: You probably have 2 open at the same time. It’s mentioned here. And while it’s now possible to connect to OBSWS 5.0 with LioranBoard, it’s only for testing and developing purposes as 5.0 is completely different and requires lots of extensions to be migrated. Hope that helped, enjoy the extension!

You can use File Save command:

Hey. Sorry you’re having troubles with the extension. Are you sure you followed all the instructions at ? Also check that:

  1. LioranBoard is on a stable (and not beta version)
  2. You’re using 4.9.1 OBS websocket (5.0 not supported by the extension)


In your Ext\Lucky_Wheel\luckyWheel.ini file there’s a key named “active”. You need to change this key to a different wheel ID and press LOAD REWARDS button. It will load whatever wheel ID is under the key “active” then.

Thank you, fixed!

There seems to be a bug with special characters in LioranBoard/Spotify API. It’s advisable to use a Spotify link instead of a search query then, as I don’t know if it can be even solved.

Great to hear you worked it out!

I’d suggest reinstalling the extension completely. There’s something weird going on with your setup if you can’t see the default wheel. Make sure your LioranBoard is using the stable version and not beta version.

Looks good to me. And you see the default wheel in the list in your Stream Deck? Under the Load All Wheels button.

In your LioranBoard/Ext/lucky_wheel folder should be a file named luckywheel.ini. Check if it’s populated at all after you press the red SETUP button in the premade deck. If not, there might be a problem with LioranBoard not being able to write into ini files for some reason.

There should be a default wheel when you installed it. Can you see that one?

Haha, thank you and enjoy!

There’s a comment in the Load Rewards button explaining how to modify your own rewards. That part isn’t locked :)

Thank you! Constructive feedback is always welcome! :)

Hey CelticMerlin, you can just use Block button command to completely disable the SR button.

Unchecking ‘mod’ means it will work for all your viewers, not just followers. You too have a nice weekend!

This option is not available in LB2 and was never available in LB1 either. You must manually check if the user is a follower. Cheers!

I will try to implement it sometime this week - I can send you a testing version so you can let me know how it works for you :)

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Actually, I made very extensive documentation for LioranBoard 1 and 2 regarding Twitch triggers and populating variables.

But, now that I think about it, the whole button for displaying the current song requests would have to be completely reworked too. I do not want to do it for a few reasons:

  1. Spotify doesn’t have an endpoint to retrieve your current queue. The extension would have to remember every track you ever added and write to a file constantly in case LioranBoard crashes. You would also have to always add tracks only through the extension itself.

  2. If you already have tracks in your queue prior to using the extension in LioranBoard, there’s virtually no way for me to tell how many tracks are in there or what track is next. This means that if your viewer requests a new track, it will be added to the queue, but there’s no way for me to tell when it’s actually going to be played as I can’t see the queue itself.

  3. You can’t decide to stop playing SR requests for a while and return to them later or maybe in your next stream. Once you clear the queue, all requests are gone.

The old extension was very hacky and buggy at times, I honestly didn’t like that. I also asked several frequent users on what they’d prefer and their answer was a playlist.

What I could do though is to automatically switch to the last playlist you listened to once the last track in your SR playlist finishes. And if someone requests a new song, it would automatically switch back to your SR playlist.

Cheers! Christina

Please see here, inside the queue button you need to edit the id variable (use Pull Data command and populate the ID with the viewer’s request) and it will work just the same as in the old LB :)

Totally doable. Just move the trigger to the queue button instead!

Hey, the base version should be available to you if you’ve already purchased Spotify for LB1 before! The premium version requires another purchase.

Thanks! Kristyna

Hey, There’s Queue button that will just do that - put the song in the queue! You can modify it to your needs and use it instead of the SR button.

Sorry for the confusion, I did not see your comment until now! Spotify for LioranBoard 2 is currently still in beta and available for free to my Patrons, but will be coming out later for everyone else. Cheers!