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Fun stuff.  Enjoyed the chase, as it was really well paced enough to not stress me out of the game.

Really enjoyed it and enjoyed freaking out about grandma.  Thanks!

Had a lot of fun moving boxes and waiting to be scared.  Great job at building it all up and keeping the user on their feet.

This was a lot of fun to play through and I love the short story and would love to see more of it.  Great job!

Great job on building a spooky atmosphere and giving a solid story in such a short time.

Solid story and the retro feeling really won out in this demo.

This was a strange one and I loved every second of it.

This was a very strange one!  Like really freaking strange.  But I love that stuff!  

Really interesting and it does a great job of making the player feel quite uncomfortable.  At least it did for me!

This was fantastic.  The atmosphere, the design choice, everything was just really poignant on driving home that unsettling feeling.

Had a lot of fun!  Really love the story and the gameplay.

Gave the demo a look released over on Steam.  Really great idea and the demo is just enough of a taste.

This was great.  Great concept.  Great follow through.  Just a very solid job.

This was just a great use of atmosphere and letting the player wander and roam through it.  I loved searching through all the sites.  Absolutely fantastic!

This was absolutely fantastic!  I loved the aesthetic and the atmosphere.  Would love more story even!  One of my favorites so far!

Great first game.  Had a lot of fun and the jump scares were interesting.  Wish there was more to the story.

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The story was really well told with so little time or dialogue.  Got me a really good jump scare as well!  Good use of the looping mechanism.

Great job building the atmosphere and really grabbing the player to be feeling dire.

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The silly humans were easily manipulated and the ghosts were quite tasty.

Always love a good sacrifice in a jam game.

Really fun stuff here.  Had the hairs on the back of my neck raised the whole time.  Even when I knew what was coming, it was enough to get me.  Absolutely fantastic.

This is a great game that nails the message and leaves the player with a better understanding.

Absolutely fantastic.  Great use of building and breaking the atmosphere.

Interesting game.  Atmosphere really nails it!

So cute and the art style was fantastic.  

I love the look and concept.  Hope you keep working on it and really flesh it into something.

I really loved this!  The style, the story, and the endings.  All great and a lot of fun.

Loved the creep factor and the atmosphere.  Excellent job!

Fun playthrough and enjoyed going after the different endings.  Really well done.

Really enjoyed the story and just the experience in general.

Loved the style and the story.  Using the monochromatic style in space allows for the emptiness to envelope the player.  Great job!

Love the concept and really would like to play more.  Great job!

A lot of fun.  Really loved the retro feel and the little jingle throughout the levels.

Solid jam VN, with a haunting story.  Great job on it!

This was a lot of fun and really am interested in seeing what is done for a longer game.  The style and choices made for the game are great.  

Beautifully drawn style and the twist to the "pacifist" ending is great.  Solid stuff!

Had a lot of fun destroying Santa's hopes and dreams of domination.  

Very nice and cute game.  Not really a challenge, but a great little jam game.

This is a great one!  So simple, yet so damn addicting.  This could really be a great full game with multiple demons to beat or however.  I loved it!

Great job!  This game has several disturbing endings and even the true ending is not something to have a good nights sleep after.