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I have manage to fix the problem but I have only starting playing the demo a little bit and it's really good so thanks for creating the game I can't wait to pre-order it soon.

Hi, I'm having problems for the demo for the (Windows & Linux) I tried everything even removing it and re-downloading it again but it just doesn't work. When I start the demo it works but when you get to change the name it won't allow me whhich I thought was fine since it's the demo but when I try to start it won't allow me.

Omg this game keeps getting better and better! I'm really excited to play the game XD

Omg I'm so happy that you guys are making another game, I haven't click on an email so fast before lol can't wait to play the demo and help fund the game and buy it. :D

Just wanted to say i've played the demo just now and this is one of the best BL pc game I have played. The drawing style is so beautiful and I really like the storyline and the music :D so just know you guys have done yourself proud by producing such a wonderful game. I can't wait to play the full game!

Hey does anyone know how you can turn on the characters voices or do I need to complete the game first??