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Thank you! Glad you enjoyed playing it!
As for the cheesing, unfortunately we didn't have enough time to do all the play-testing we needed,  and we just thought people would be too preocupied with the turrets to think about doing that lol. 

Really fun! was a bit confused at first but after a couple of deaths I got the hang of it. Fits the theme really well with the WASD keys being the attack instead of movement. Game feel is really nice and smooth, but music got a litle repetitive after hearing it for 20 times straight. Overall great idea and good game!

Thank you! This was actually a combined effort of 2 students and a professor, and was our first attempt together for a jam, so im just happy we were able to make a stable version at the end of this. 

Really interesting idea and smart idea to mix up the letters between playthroughs. Fits the theme well, but got caught on the letters a few times when traveling over to them and died. Could use more instructions on page or on the introduction screen. Overall really neat premise and was fun for a bit!

Fits the theme well, having a loss of control of the aiming for a sniping game. Wish there was more then one version of the pedestrian for a harder challenge, having them all the same makes spotting the target very easy and can quickly jump over to them.