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I love it! The ledge grabbing feels great and the levels are open enough to encourage a few different paths in some places. Can't wait to see more like a level select/high score tracker (hint hint) :)

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Hello! So far I haven't fully finished the game yet (just finished the tutorial) but it's generally fun-strating :). I really like the spikes and hidden blocks that are knowledge based. The only thing that feels unfair are the falling blocks. Even when I know where they are, I have to dance on the edge of their range. Because of the gliding of the character, I sometimes still get hit by the falling blocks despite knowing that they are there and dancing back and forth to get them to fall. If they had a slightly sooner trigger or fell slightly slower then it would feel more knowledge based and less "will my character cooperate this time".

Overall still a very fun game especially if you enjoy mario maker troll levels :)

I really enjoyed both the initial play through with the puzzles, and playing through again because of the platforming. Only confusing part was you have to use tab before moving to swap without dying.