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This should be on Steam

It is not smooth on the website. Have you downloaded the file

I loved the 8 minutes! If there were more levels I would cry because I would try to beat them and fail

Great game!

how do I start the lvl 4 boss battle though

it does NOT get easier when you play it again.

Also, why'd the shadow mess around with my compass? I need that!

Terrified me! It was so horrifying but not so much that it was unplayable. Great mechanic, hate the teleportation (though it was cool) and it was really hard to beat!

Done... Dang the last two are difficult!

Wdym grinding? oh..

I did it! The best survival horror game on itch and the only one that leans into the survival part, I would definitely play an endless mode if there was one (even though I barely survived night 3) took me two afternoons!

:D, Great gam

day 6 104 pieces of junk $10400 made.

Thanks so much!

I have a question. What are medkits for? Otherwise it is a FANTASTIC game.