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I honestly can't wait for Beta 6, I thank all the creators and everyone who helpd make this game. This game's the first great game I found on Keep of the great work!

I haven't played this amazing game in 2 months and i'm already noticing the differences from these pictures. Thank you for listening to the players usggesting new gamemodes! THIS GON' BE FUUUN

So, I donwloaded the game, then there was no tutorial or anything like that. Someone please reply so I can reinstall the game and enjoy it. Thanks :I.

I'm reinstalling the game so I can see if it works thhis time. I will message back if it works then.

Yes I made an account then when I wanted to join a server it said error with account.

Same this happens to me all the time.

Actally, I stopped then tried again today and I installed it but I had trouble with making an account, please reply back.

I sure hope multiplayer actually has players otherwise waiting 5 days to download was for nothing.

Something glitched out and I can't play the game.