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I'm so glad you liked it! Thank you so much for your review!! Sorry you died. I hope Margaret likes you next time! :)

I'm glad you liked the story! I understand how you feel. 😝

Thank you for playing!

Thank you!! I'm so glad you liked it (and good job)! 😊

Thank you so much! 😊

I'm so glad you like it! :) I'm not sure if you tried the demo, but the full version is available already! It's a fairly short game (about 2 hours to play the whole story). If you end up playing the full game, I hope you will enjoy it!

Yay! :) Thank you for playing my game!

Thank you so much! You are so sweet. I'm super happy that you enjoyed it. 😊

Thank you for playing my game! I'm so glad you liked it. There is another significant ending (if you don't do #3), but I think you got the big ones! There are small differences as well depending on your relationships. 

Thank you for offering to make a donation! You could always purchase the game or use paypal here: 😊

Thank you so much! 😁

Thanks! I'm so glad you liked it. There are about 5 significantly different endings and many smaller differences scattered throughout the story, depending on how you play. 😁

Thank you! I'm so glad you like it. 😊

Thank you for sharing it! I really appreciate that. I don't have a Twitter currently, but thank you for offering. 😊

Thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. 😊

 *SPOILERS* I would try to get to the ending where you stick with the king until he's on his death bed, but then choose the more extreme (and violent) option.  You got most of the big endings already, but there are some other possibilities. You could escape alone instead of with 'blank', for example. I think those are all the big ones! *END SPOILERS*. 

Thank you for playing and reviewing! 

Thank you so much! :)

Thank you so so much for this kind and heartfelt review. It means so much that you liked the game. Your reactions are exactly what I was hoping for. And thank you for saying that I did my research — I tried very hard in that respect. The only thing I did not attempt was the make the language historically accurate because I wanted it to be accessible for everyone. Anyway, thank you so much!! :)

Thank you so much! That means a lot to hear. :)

Thank you for this nice message! I believe there are about 4-6 significant endings, with many more small differences throughout the game. Overall, the story is the story, so it's not one of those games where literally everything can change. You can miss large sequences of the game, however, depending on how "well" you play the game of court. There are a couple of people you can kill and of course you can die by the end of it. But you will always be trying to escape and go through similar steps to do so. I wanted the main character to have a distinct personality and motive, but also allow the player some control. I'm so glad you liked the game and that it gave you some new perspective! I hope you will read the book that you mentioned. Tudor history is an addicting rabbit hole to lose yourself in!

I think it took about 8 months to complete this game. I worked on it all the time. The coding and writing took a while, especially because of the complexity of certain things. For example, the scene where you make a mask took a lot of time to get just right (without any dead ends). Same with the puzzle of how to poison the fountain. It also took me a while to play around with the relationship scores for the characters. I wanted to make sure it was easy enough to influence the characters in a natural way to change the story. I had to go back through the whole thing to adjust the scores because I made a mistake and everyone would have gotten the same ending.

The most time consuming part, however, was probably all the art and media. Since I did everything myself, I had to make a lot of art, designs, music, and sound effects. There were many iterations of this until I was happy - haha. Then, of course, there was the business of making marketing materials to promote the game, setting it all up on my website (and here). It took a lot more work than expected, but it was such a fun project to do! I hope people will enjoy playing it. :)

Thank you so much! :)

Thank you so much! You are too kind! :)

Thank you so much, Towerbird! That means a lot to hear. Thanks for the donation as well! :D

That makes me so happy! Thank you for playing! :)

I loved this! It was chilling and so well-written. :)

Thank you! :)

Hi Maarit - Thank you so much for your very kind and thoughtful review! It means so much to read this and hear about your experience with the game! I am thrilled that you liked it. :)

Sounds like nobody saw you! :P

I'm sorry you didn't like it, Elvira! I can understand if you don't like visual novels with predefined protagonist personalities. This game is more of an interactive narrative with various endings, and not as open-ended as some other VNs. The princess definitely has a personality haha! :P

Thanks for playing anyway!

Thanks! I'm thrilled you enjoyed it. Thank you for playing! :)

I'm glad you liked it! There are a handful of endings and a lot of small story aspects that can change, but the exact number is a secret! :P

Thank you! It isn't on Steam right now, but I am considering it for the future. 

Hampton Court is an interactive historical fiction video game in the “visual novel” style. Set in the court of Henry VIII, you are a foreign princess thrown into the midst of this vibrant and strange court.

Get the game or a free demo here.