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Really wish I did not fix the bug with too many spawning at the end cause looking at it later I found out it only spawns 1 with my fix. Also they naptime will vanish after 20 seconds. So in current state not worth it to spend the time to try and find it. Great work getting to 8

Naptime bonus was fixed from spawning to many which made it only make one. They also disappear after 20 seconds. 

Well made. Love the swinging.

Well made. Love the swinging.

The combat was really fun. I really liked using the bar thing.

Nice Story. Was an enjoyable experience.

Quality use of 2 hours.

This game was quite interesting. It was fun but Lap count seemed confusing.

Loved that hand battle. Great game.

Well made. Nice to see a multiplayer game. 

Yep. Added a note to my page because I forgot to mention that

Really well done game. Graphic fit really well. I did not finish cause I want to try and play as many games as I can. But I could see my self coming back to this.

I think some wall collisions cause the game to crash.

Nice pace and music. Puzzles increase in challenge quite well

Really nice game. Kinda wish W would work like space. I'm just so used to that.  Also J and K were really needed I first tried with x and c and that did not work for me.

So I submitted mine but realized I had some bugs. I fixed them in the same project. I'm hoping that is fine.

Loved it. That was a really interesting use of colors.

windows only for now

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Something that I think would be really useful is World/Environment support. I have edited the environment in some of my 3D projects and having it here would help match colors and stuff. So allow people to upload those files

I'm interested in trying it on Linux also

Do you have any packs with a wolf in the 3 frame style.

I believe I purchased your asset pack in a bundle on humble bundle. Was that a limited license for RPGMaker.

Do you have an icon pack for usage with these? Harvested items