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Thank you! Someday I will return to the development of this game

Oh no sorry my main language is not English and I still didn’t paid any translator to check all game related texts. I fixed it now, thanks for noticing.


thank you for playing! sorry actually the game doesn’t have an ending

Este foi um dos primeiros vídeos sobre o jogo no Youtube, do Revz, um grande amigo meu!

Thank you for your feedback! Yes in this demo there are only 3 items

 I am remaking the game in another Game Engine (Unreal Engine) and even though it’s taking a long time, I am implementing jump and faster sprint so it’s better to explore the dream world.

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Thank you!
Almost everyday I create some sound to use as music or sound effect, I create recording some random things and applying filters on Audacity, and some on FLStudio


muito bom!


Thank you! Maybe someday I will, but for now, I am focusing on @resultarias

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Until update 0.4 I used some free music that is available for everyone to use (I am pretty sure that Yume Nikki didn't use those music though) but now the majority of the soundtrack is created by myself.
There are people that don't know YN, so writing in the main page that it is inspired by it may not mean a lot to those people. 

Thank you for your gameplay video ❤

this game is amazing


Can you check if there is any controller connected to your computer? It can be it, when a joystick is a little moved it keeps moving the camera, I will adjust the controller deadzone to prevent this issue on next build

I'm glad you liked, thank you for playing :D

thanks for playing! I made a commentary on you video explaining some things. 

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thank you! the plushie is actually a panda bear that I give to her when we were together. 

she used to sleep a lot and always told me that she slept like a panda. I someday noticed that she did that because she had depression and to help her feel a little better I gave the panda as a gift to her.


thanks for the gameplay video

I think it's because I turned off Vsync by default, the game is highly optimized it runs on 2GB 32bit Computer and on mobile.

The internet spikes can be for Unity Analytics that I use to check what are the most entered areas and if the player collected whats items and playtime.

I also included Discord API to enable Rich presence but I assume I have done something wrong because a player reported that the game opens discord when opened.

I still need to implement some menus to people who test the game send the devlogs file to me in some way so I can check if there is something wrong.

Thanks for playing it, there is a lot of things to do, it's missing sound design, improvements and bug fixes, and I can barely know where to begin.

Your game is amazing I even recorded a video playing it, my computer could not handle the effects thought, maybe because the post processing, but I have a weak graphics card (Nvidia 750ti 1GB). I hope you continue developing your project, I want to make a post about my game on r/yumenikki but I think it need some improvements before I do it.