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If you all come out with a line of Collectable Fred’s Cereal Spoons send me a set please!

Who doesn’t want to know what it’s like to be abducted. This definitely gave me X-Files vibes and I love it!!!

Two awesome games under your belt! Ready for the next one!!!

I had to play this game right away! I hope you continue to develop this because I would love to know more about what is going on! It was an awesome experience. 


This is a very fun and cute update! I love that just a little addition can be made for this game and it just adds to the story of the Baby in Yellow. I can not wait to see what you all have in store for the Black Cat Update and I will definitely play it as soon as it is humanly possible. Little Hastur and I are going to become friends one of these days!

This takes me back to the maze game when I was younger and it gives me that same feel while I’m playing. <3 

2023? I’m not wishing my time to go by any faster but I can’t wait! I want to see Amanda face to face and then….Die! LMFAO! 

There is a bigger message here and I did not expect that. Combined with just the awesomeness of destroying things; what’s not to love? 

I can’t wait to see what else Lixian comes up with! He is going to continue his game creation and I am going to go back and play all of this past games. 

This game scared me and the full game is going to continue the trend. Here I come to play the first 2 games in this series!!! 

Unfortunately I had to escape! I felt like crap when I did it though. Why can’t we just get along buddy!! 

Black Cat can’t get here fast enough. But in all honesty I’d be this little guys full time baby sitter if he didn’t want to kill me and we could just be cool. 

I’m looking forward to the full release so I can understand more of the story. I really enjoyed what was presented to us and want more! 

I’m honestly upset that I never got a kiss!! The story was very much enjoyable……CAN I GET MY KISS!! 

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This game, I feel is the first game that I came out of my shell as a YouTuber playing. I felt immersed and enjoyed immensely. Lamu is Love for me and I won’t forget about this game anytime soon! 

I am wondering if Grandma and Grandpa knew about the extra square footage underneath their house!! 

Have you ever had that dream you forgot your pants at school! Well this one is much worse! Because your life is literally on the line and everyone else? Well…find out!

Release Date on Steam 2023. My fingers are crossed. I can’t wait to see more development of this story and others like it! Two Thumbs way up! 

It is never too late to play a great game. I plan to play ever game Two Star Games releases and cannot wait for Choo Choo Charles!!

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Your first game?!? I followed instantly after playing because If you release other content or added to I Frog-ot I can play as fast as possible. I want to see more Lore from this universe. 

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It’s always good to see the fix but I loved when I fell through the map. It was like a mini achievement finding it. Still love Good Boy!!

Grandma are you OKAY? | Good Boy | Indie Horror Game

I just want to say how much I enjoyed this game. The hand drawn atmosphere was amazing and the story had me so intrigued. There was no way that I wouldn’t complete all 3 endings!! I’ll play all of thealphagurlux games. Whether I record them for a video or not! 

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Pancakes! Cats! & MURDER!! | Good Boy 2 w/ ALL ENDINGS! | Indie Horror Game

So I purchased and played this game as fast as I could after playing Good Boy. I HAD to give this one a go and guess what? Good Boy 2 is even better.  If you wanna watch my play through I left it below . I got so envolved I even started doing voices!! I hope there is possibly more to this game and if not I can’t wait to play more games from thealphagurlux.  Also the art style is very unique and I love it. These games and this universe has been one of my favorites so far out of all the indie games I’ve played  10/10!