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Cool! Thanks! I will check it out.

Hello! Just started today (I am glad to see there was an extension at some point), but I am working on a game based on this cover:

For this game jam, I am using Godot engine, and a split between Krita and Illustrator for art assets.

Progress so far:

The game is sort of a logic puzzle type of thing, where the player has to try and make an offer to buy items from the NPCs that visit. Depending on the offer made, the NPC will either: 1) think the price is too low, and be offended, 2) think the price is higher than the item is worth and may hint to it, or 3) think the price is fair enough. In instances 2 and 3, the player is able to accept the offer. If the player pays less than the item is actually worth, they get points based on the profit. If it is less, the player loses points based on how much they overpaid. The goal is for the player to make as much money in 2 minutes as they can. Making more offers will help the player narrow down a good price, but take too long and the player can't deal with as many NPCs.