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Wow! Like many others I really liked this demo, The atmosphere is fantastic and the visuals are stunning. There is a lot of potential here. Keep up the good work, looking forward to the full release. I enjoyed the pushing and moving mechanics as well.

Hey, I love the atmosphere, and camera mechanics are really well implemented. I wish there was a little more to see but what I did see was impressive. I look forward to the full game.

Had to replace video. Still fantastic, was able to find all the endings. Very good job, writing was fantastic. Impressive what you were able to accomplish in a short experience. 

Yeah, this game is awesome. Right up my alley with the aesthetic. The writing is great, the ambiance is fantastic the only thing is I felt kind of floaty, in terms of movement. Other than that, it's a fantastic experience.

Wow, can't believe it took me this long to find this game. It's brilliant, atmospheric and intense. I really did enjoy my time short time with this game. Thanks!


This was honestly an incredible and well done story / experience. You've got some good quality content right here. Thanks for this, really.

Whew! This game was a fun quick little explore, still can't find that damn secret ending. Oh well! Good Job!

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I can't even say enough positive things about this game. I was actually heartbroken when the demo ended. I am waiting eagerly for this game to come to full realisation. You can watch the videos I made here for a good look at the game.

Absoutley terrific game. Super impressed. I'm hoping you guys take this and run.