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Simply amazing, after seeing so many VN's that focus on endless exposition and linear storytelling, it's incredible to find a VN that actually uses the interactive aspect of the medium so well. PA 1, 2, and 3 are some of the most emotion evoking games I've ever played, and the characterization of nearly every character is deep, which is crazy because of how short all these games are- most media take at least a dozen hours to get people to sympathize with characters, and the fact this is able to get people to understand and love Patch's character over the course of these games speaks volumes of the effectiveness of the writing and artstyle.

I'm really sad knowing this is likely the last game in the series, though I hope the PA 1 remake is just as entertaining as the original was, and I look forward to your creative talents being used again in the future.

Fixed it. To anyone who comes into this problem, the save data is under %appdata%, which is hidden normally. Look for "Fractal" under the directory.

After looking around, Im gonna chock this up to the new update messing up things for me. Im trying to find the Sky Rogue/Save directory mentioned in the 1.3 changelist, but can't figure out where it is.

Hey there! I've been getting the "game save is corrupt" error screen whenever I load the game, but deleting and re-installing the game doesn't seem to change anything. 

Does anyone have a fix for this? Does the game install files to any directory other than the one it's unzipped in? Thanks.