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Chris Redfield

A member registered Jun 04, 2018

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I mean WHAT will be in the next update? Not on which day is the update coming.   ;)

What will be the next update?

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So its not the full game? Because I want to see all the good scenes. 

I hv a question and will u do a threesome scene that would be really great. I hope u make that. Awesome Game keep it up!!

I really have to play the Ritchard Route if it is coming out. He is so cool and funny like Darius.

I have a question about Andrew, is he straight or gay too?

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Hey DyneWolf i have a question about Darius Route, and will you make a sex scene from him? If yes that would be cool. Thanks and I love your Game.

It's also by the Choach on day 4

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 I hope it helps you the problem of this error.

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I know, I don't have to write this but I have errors for my Android device and I don't know why, because the last version of this game was not having errors but this time I can't play through the game. Please I hope you can help me DyneWulf.

And can u also make a sex scene for Darius pls. Darius is one my favourite routes. I would much appreciate it.